How to Use a VPN for Roobet (A Quick Guide)

Roobet is an innovative site, allowing you to use cryptocurrency for gambling. This should provide users with more anonymity. However, it’s common for regulators to block access to this type of content. Will using a VPN allow you to get around these restrictions to access Roobet? 

In most parts of the world, you will need to use a VPN to connect with Roobet. This will allow you to get part regulators restrictions and unblock content. However, you will need to be careful about the type of VPN you are using. Many free VPNs will be blocked, as Roobet discovers your IP address. 

Gambling sites, like Roobet, remain some of the most popular sites online. But you should use a VPN before you access this content. Keep reading to learn more about why this is a good idea and the type of VPN you should be using. 

how to use a vpn for roobet

Reasons to Use a VPN When Accessing Roobet

It’s recommended that you use a VPN when you are viewing content on Roobet. There are several reasons why you should do this: 

  • Accessing blocked content. Several legal regulations are imposed on sites like Roobet. Sometimes, regulators will try to stop you from accessing gambling content, ordering ISPs to block this site. It’s also possible that the gambling license of Roobet might not extend to your country, so they could block certain features of the site. A VPN will allow you to get around these restrictions. We’ll go into more depth about this later. 
  • More privacy. You don’t want your ISP to be monitoring your online activities. Using a VPN, your data will be encrypted. Because of this, they won’t be able to see the types of sites that you are looking at. Using cryptocurrency will add an extra layer of protection. 
  • Protection from hackers. You don’t want a big win to attract the attention of hackers. Using a VPN will make it a lot harder to track down your real IP address. This is especially important when giving out private information online, like your cryptocurrency information. 

What Areas is Roobet Banned in? 

While there are several good reasons to use a VPN, you might not need one. In some countries, Roobet and all its features will be available. However, because they have a license in Curacao, there are many parts of the world where you won’t be able to access the site.

There are many other countries that might allow you Roobet but will impose restrict some activities. When you consider this, most of the world will have some kind of restrictions limiting their ability to access Roobet. 

Best Server Locations to Use For Roobet

The best way to get around these regulations is using a VPN. To do this, you will need to pick a server that from a country that has complete access to Roobet. There are a few servers that you need to check out: 

  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rico
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

Finding the Right Server For You

With so many options, there are some ways that you can find the right server for you. The most important factor is finding one that is as geographically close to your location as possible. This will allow you to boost your connection speed, so you can enjoy fast internet speeds. 

You should also think about the type of VPN that you will be using. If you want to get a more private connection, you should choose a VPN that doesn’t keep logs. This will make it even harder for the authorities to track your browsing history. 

Are You Allowed to Use a VPN to Access Roobet?

For many people, using a VPN is the only way that you can access Roobet and similar gambling sites. But this can come with a risk. Using a VPN is technically against the policies of Roobet. Because of this, they have become more active in banning VPN IPs that are violating these policies. 

Many of the free VPNs will only have a handful of servers around the world, often only one or two in each country. Because of this, it will be easy for sites like Roobet to detect the VPN server IP.  From there, they can ban that IP, stopping anyone using that IP from getting onto the site. As a result, you often won’t find a free server that provides access to Roobet. 

However, as the Roobet becomes more adept at finding VPN servers, some of the paid servers have also started to get blocked. Some of the paid services that you won’t be able to use to access Roobet include: 

  • Hotspot Shield
  • Ivacy
  • Cyberghost 
  • Turbo

This is why even using a VPN to access this site can carry a bit of risk. If you deposited funds, before your VPN was discovered and banned, it will be difficult to withdraw those funds. The best option is to use a new VPN and try to connect to the site.

It’s also worth thinking about the VPN laws in your country. Some countries, like China, have banned the use of VPNs. At other times, there might be restrictions on your use. It’s best to check these before you start using one, otherwise, you might be facing criminal prosecutions. 

Tips to Withdraw Safely From Roobet

When you are creating an account, you don’t need to provide any personal information. However, when it comes time to withdraw your winnings, you will need to provide these details. This is the time when you are at most risk of getting your account frozen and losing all your winnings. 

There are a few pre-emptive steps that you can take to reduce the chances that this happens to you: 

  • Withdraw small amounts. Like many casinos, people withdrawing a large amount of money will be treated with a lot of scrutiny. However, if you stick to making smaller withdrawals you won’t attract too much attention. They also need to get more information when you are trying to deposit larger amounts. 
  • Withdraw before your account balance gets too large. The more you have in your account, the more your actions will be scrutinized. Because of this, you should start making small transactions to bank some of your winnings and lower your balance. 
  • Wait between transactions. You don’t want to be making transactions every day. Instead, wait a few days before you make another transaction. It’s often best to wait at least a week before you do another one. 
  • Using a more secure wallet. Ideally, you should be using a hardware or paper wallet. These are more secure and harder to track the owner of. 
  • Check the right address. Roobet operates on cryptocurrency. Unlike a traditional bank error, there is no central authority to regulate them. Because of this, it will be almost impossible to reverse the transaction if you accidentally provide the wrong address. Because of this, you should double-check this.  You should also check that you are using the right type of currency. 

Even if you do this, there is a chance that your account will be frozen. Because of this, it’s probably wise not to put too much money into this site. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to use Roobet, you will need to make sure that you are using a VPN. This will get past geo-blocking and allow you to use the site in privacy. Technically, though, using a VPN is against the code of conduct for this site. Because of this, you will need to choose a high-quality VPN so that your account isn’t discovered and blocked.