12 Reasons Why You Can’t Connect to Your VPN

There are many reasons why you cannot connect to your vpn. Since we from FrootVPN wants to help, we wrote this so that it will be easier for you to know the reasons and come up with the easiest solutions that you can do.

  • Your country of location. You can be residing in a country that blocks PPTP VPN connections. You can check if your ISP is blocking with your friends and confirm it to you. You can contact your ISP so that you can ask them directly.
  • Computer time check. Make sure that your Time and Date are accurate. Having inaccurate time and date can cause problems regarding your connection.
  • Router. Check if your router supports or configured for PPTP VPN Passthrough by trying to connect to the Internet without the router. See if it will work. Plug your computer directly into your modem device so that it will bypass the router.
  • Disable your firewall. Common connection problems always involves firewall software. Try to disable it then connect to the vpn again. If the right connection happens, then you’ll need to setup an exception so that you can connect to the vpn while it is running. You will need to allow outgoing connections to port 1723 and the GRE protocol depending on your firewall software or you can set an exception for all traffic to the VPN server address.
  • Check if you can reach the server. Try to Ping the VPN server that you are going to connect to. All you have to do is go to start then search run then type cmd and click ok. Once you see that black thing on your screen, you can input ping then space and your vpn server and lastly, click enter.
  • Check your mobile carriers. Contact your ISP directly and check if your mobile carrier is supporting PPTP connections on different devices.
  • Reboot. Try to reboot your devices before opening any applications. Sometimes this is the main issue why you cannot connect to your vpn.
  • Check your password. Make sure that you type your password correctly.
  • Check the connection with other computer. Some VPN may work well with other PC’s. To check it, find another computer. Maybe you can borrow from your friends just for vpn connection checking purposes.
  • Vista UAC. Try disabling UAC so that you can find out if it will allow OpenVPN and PPTP connections to work. To do this, you can open up Control Panel, and type in “UAC” into the search box. You’ll see a link for “Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off”. On the next screen you should uncheck the box for “Use User Account Control (UAC)”, and then click on the OK button. After that you should reboot your device and try to connect with your vpn.
  • Error in creation. Delete your first vpn connection if you had one because on the second time the connection might work properly although this may sound odd but you can give it a try.
  • Submit a ticket. VPNs are not perfect and once you’ve done anything to connect but nothing happened, the last thing to do is to submit a ticket request here for the technical support so that they can help you fix your connection issue.

You may also experienced receiving some error codes and as far as we want to help you, you can check Microsoft’s explanation for each of them.

Error Codes: Error 806 | Error 619 | Error 807 | Error 800 | Error 734 | Error 651

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  • mike

    when connected to my VPN, i am able to use the internet for a short time before i am no longer able to browse or stream, i disconnect from the vpn and then reconnect, but this is rather inconvenient as it only lasts a short time. any solutions?

    • Mark1234

      same issue here. Dont want to have to baby sit – OS W10

      • Hi Mark, Apologies. Have you tried to send an inquiry about this? Please let us know. Thank you! Have a great day.

    • For OpenVPN protocol Please make sure that you run OpenVPN as Administrator. You can do so by right click on the application and choose “Run as Administrator”.

      • mike

        i have Windows 10, so i set it up through the actual windows VPN settings. I messed around for about 30 mins trying to figure out how to set it up as run as administrator, but no dice.

        • Hello Mike, we would like to confirm some details, could you please tell us the protocol and server you are trying to use? If you can also give us your location, it would be great. If it’s not, maybe you can reach our support team so they can help you out. https://www.frootvpn.com/faq/support

  • Ark Adi

    Hey, help me. I’m new here. I just registered on froot vpn. i paid 5$ for 1 month. But i didn’t get any software. Can anyone plz tell me how & where to find softaware & install it. & how can i use it to download torrents.

    • Hello, Ark! You can use our easy-to-follow installation guides to connect on our service. Here’s the complete guide on how to connect to FrootVPN through any of our supported internet protocols
      — OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP, on any of your computer or mobile devices https://www.frootvpn.com/guides, Let us know if you still have concerns. Happy Secure Surfing!

  • Ark Adi

    Hey, help me. I’m new here. I just registered on froot vpn. i paid 5$ for 1 month. But i didn’t get any software. Can anyone plz tell me how & where to find softaware & install it. & how can i use it to download torrents.

  • HeavyAL

    Your support form is broken (Method not allowed is the error) so I’m posting this here:

    Today I’ve been getting a lot of disconnections using OpenVPN. The log shows AUTH_FAILED, SIGUSR1[soft,auth-failure]. I have to type in my password three or four times and then suddenly for no apparent reason it will connect and stay connected for some amount of time. Then after a few minutes it drops again with the same complaint. I’m connected at the moment but I’m wondering how long it will last and if this is something that I can mitigate in the future.

    • Hi HeavyAL, Thank you for letting us know your concerns and apologies for all the inconvenience in your part. We also have a live chat support located on the right bottom section of our website, you can contact us directly from there so we can help you out. We are looking forward for your message. Have a great day. https://frootvpn.com

  • Alex Smn

    I use FrootVPN through OpenVPN for two years. Last week I faced with some troubles during the connection – very often I get AUTH_FAILED response in spite of the correct login and password.

  • Alex Kachowski

    My vpn doesn’t connect. It did several times and stopped. The Frootvpn program stopped working. I installed OpenVPN Gui. It had been working for 2-3 connections and stopped working too.

  • Afreen

    I have setup a vpn connection of type L2TP/IPsec . I was able to login for about 30 mins and then the connection got disconnected automatically. I am unable to connect to it again. I have re-started my laptop and tried setting the vpn connection again. But still getting the same error. Can you please help.


    • Jonathan Terreo

      Maybe your ISP don’t want you use VPN services. You can try IKEv2 or OpenVPN.