How to Easily Unblock Omegle?

Omegle is a website that will let you talk to a stranger through an online chat or video call. You don’t need to register on this site.

There might be some times that you cannot access Omegle because of the geo-restriction, internet filters and much more on your computer or even on your mobile device. Here are some useful tips that you can use to unblock Omegle and start talking with the strangers freely and securely!


Free web proxy helps

You can use a free web proxy so that it will let you browse any website you want anonymously and without tracking your IP address on a remote website. Just be careful on using these proxies because some of it are fake and contain different malware.

Use a VPN

If you really want to talk to strangers but you are worried if there will be someone who will get all of your personal information online, use a VPN and that will serve as a protector for all of the internet data.

Change your DNS servers

One of the ways to unblock Omegle is editing the DNS servers to the Google Public DNS IP setting. This method is really recommended by a lot of Omegle users. But if this method is not working, you should use a real VPN service.

Use online translators

You may try to unblock Omegle with the help of the Google Translate or the Bing Translator. If you are going to translate “” in another language, the online translators can allow you to browse Omegle directly with their translation service, and actually, you visit the service and not Omegle site directly.

Try Google cache

Google cache may be another method and most useful to unblock the Omegle site as it acts simply similar to online translation services, it allows you to browse the site via their web interface and so acting like a web proxy service. You can use Google cache to bypass filters to unblock Omegle  on your computer. If the site does not work correctly, you can always use a VPN service.

Use the Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is a free web service created by The Internet Archive, it is a non-profit company that has a history of snapshots from different websites. By using this site, you can see how a specific website looks like in the past years. However, this web service works like a web proxy, because it may allow you to browse Omegle via their web service directly, bypassing Internet filters.

Use the HTTP/SOCKS proxies

You can also use HTTP or the SOCKS proxies on your IP addresses. But always remember not to forget the that you should configure your web browser first so that before you set up these protocols.

Try the TOR Project

The Tor Project is an open source software that can prevent people from viewing your IP address and all of your browsing cache. Its is so look like a VPN that can use to hide your IP address. But it this thing doesn’t work on the Omegle Chat, use a VPN

Edit the host file

There are some applications or even malware that can block the access to Omegle by hijacking the host’s file. It is generally located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts for Microsoft Windows and in /private/etc/hosts for Mac OSX. What you need to do is open your host’s file, find the lines related to Omegle(if present) and remove them, then save the changes. Now try to restart the web browser and then try to visit again the website.

Use an anti-malware software

Even the malware and trojans can block your access to Omegle. If you think this is your case, you should always run a scan on your system with a valid anti-malware software. If it finds any malicious objects, create a system restore point and then delete the detected objects. Restart your computer and try to visit the site again.


Every time we talk to strangers, it was fun because we have a time talking to other that is on our same interest. If Omegle is still blocked, you can use a reliable VPN like the FrootVPN. FrootVPN has a very high data encryption that can let you surf privately even if you talk to the strangers.