How to save money on online tickets using VPN?

Because most of us love to travel that is why we always find ways to get cheaper airfare tickets. We look for seat sale, promos and off-the-holiday cheaper tickets whenever we want to go and see the world. But that is not the best options to get cheaper tickets. Most of us didn’t know the things that affect the ticket prices and how online travel agencies defend their ticket prices.

Travel agencies can track you, the moment you visited their site etc. and this is also the reason on how they vary their prices according to the information they have from you, it is called “price steering”. Here is the list of the information that they can have because you leave tracks on your browser.

    Your Operating System. Your browser sends a user agent whenever you connect to a website. User agent is a string or a line of text identifying the browser you are using and the operating system that you have. And accompanied by this information is the kind of device that you are using, whether you are browsing from a laptop, a computer or from your mobile device.
    IP address. This is the most basic to identify you. Each device have their own unique address while connected to the internet. This tells the websites your location not down to the street level but only the city or area where you are located.
    Cookies. This are the small pieces of information of your activity saved on your browser by the websites you visit. If a website wants to know about the pages you visit they can turn to cookies. So if you make a deal to an online travel agency and want to know the rates, it won’t be a secret that you are comparing their prices to other agencies.
    GPS on your mobile devices. This works by performing a calculation between the satellite and the GPS receiver which is your mobile device to determine your location. And this is where the travel agency varies the rates to offer you depending on where you are located.
    Wireless Network. Being connected to a public network you cannot secure your information. The website you visit can determine your location through the network you are using.
    Geo-location. This is a dynamic mapping technology that can locate you at real-time using the HTML5 application. Examples are those online taxicab applications to locate passengers and routes to take. This is also used by travel agencies to locate their perspective clients and offer them rates according to their location.

And since we are looking for other ways to find cheaper airfare rates then we have to do these options listed below and see the difference of the rates from the rates you usually get from using your traditional methods.

Better to use your Phone
Online Travel sites often make favourable deals for clients who browse using their mobile device. As what you have read they are profiling their clients. And because they can track the device that you are using they know what kind of device you are using in visiting their site and they vary the rates defending on this information.

The Incognito Mode
Using this option for your browser will give you a more private surfing. All browsers have this kind of option that prevents the browser from saving your history of websites you visited. Travel Websites can track your activities that’s why using this kind of browsing hides your history and they won’t get a hint of what website you visited before their site.

The small information called Cookies
You can use the incognito mode as mentioned or delete your cookies before visiting a travel page. Because your browsing history is considered before offering you the rates every time you visit a travel agency site you should delete your cookies first.

Browse using Virtual Private Network
VPN can do the trick because you are surfing in an encrypted network that hides your real location. Website can’t see your location and can only see the region of your choice. You better choose the regions with lower income or the region where the airline is based.

Go for International Websites via VPN
Travel websites also varies their rates defending on the origin of the website. Instead of browsing from your local website try to use international sites under the use of VPN to hide your IP address.

Now is the time to change our methods and try new things to get some of the things that we want like cheaper rates for traveling fares. These very easy technological tips can do the trick. You should try these options and compare prices from the regular browsing method. And before you can have second thoughts about the legality then we are glad to say that booking of flights using VPN is very Legal using different location from where you truly are.