How to Delete Yourself From the Internet

What if you want to delete yourself on the internet? What are the things you need to consider and how are you going to do it?

Maybe the purpose for you to want this action can be:

  • Hacked Information of Accounts
  • Identity Theft
  • Bank Fraud
  • Blackmail/ Extortion/ Harassment/ Life threats

For whatever the purpose may be, there are ways that you can do to delete yourself from the internet. Although we can never erase all your traces because of the fact that our personality is exposed to “public” and that we don’t know the audience of our profile. However we can remove some, not all, of your online traces by following this list:

Think carefully, know what you will lose.

This is the basic thing that you have to consider doing before you make any strong decision like this. Deleting yourself from the internet cannot be undone. Things you will lose like online information, marketing achievements, and possible employers or opportunities. You cannot make another copy of your account or start another account using the same name and email address that you have used previously. You can also consider thinking about other ways to solve the problem other than deleting yourself. And then think if this move is worth the loss.

Create a list

If you have already no doubts of doing this move then you may start by creating a list of web sites you have created, participated and joined in. This way you will have the chance to remove all of your accounts online and will help you prevent missing a site you have joined in. But be informed that this move can never be perfected. You might also forget some sites that you joined a long time ago.

Delete your online Accounts/ Deactivate Social Media Accounts

If you think you are ready then let us get started. Most of the social media accounts have the same thing in common that they have from you and they are:

  • Email Address
  • Username
  • Password

This is what they use to protect your account, and this is the main things that you have to remember to delete all the sites that you have participated. Though it is possible not to remember every network sites, then at least try to remember as many as possible.

You have to delete your accounts, or deactivate:

    • Social media sites. All of whom you participated upon. For example, in Facebook if you want to be deactivated for a short period then there are options which you can choose on how long will the deactivation take.


  • Advertising groups, Web service sites and online auction sites


  • Online Shopping Sites and Banking sites. These sites surely have your financial information and you cannot leave this behind.
  • Alma Mater sites. If you are no longer enrolled.
  • Game Sites. Remove all your information including the virtual items and achievements you gained for years. Give your items to someone if the gaming site allows this.
  • Associated Sites. Close those third-party applications that helped you to use your social media sites.
  • Google Searches. You can delete your Google Search by configuring your settings.
  • Old Accounts. Even the ones that are not really used, if you can still remember all of it.

You may also like to look for help from the application or websites that can give you instructions and can delete your accounts for you. If you are having trouble deleting your account, then just change the info to something fake or completely random.

Close or terminate all your Email Accounts

All of the sites that you participated upon requiring you to provide your email address. And deleting this will mean losing all your transactions including prospective employers, banking transactions, ease of communication and other digital transactions.

The most common email sites are Gmail and Yahoomail. You can configure the setting of your account and terminate or delete them. However, be sure that you already think it over before doing so.

Use VPN Service

Here is another tool that can make your worries about the internet go away. Well, at this point maybe you have already deleted ALL your accounts but the fact remained that you still need the use of internet. And that is the main purpose of the VPN (Virtual Private Network), the key point that you want is to hide. This is a good starting point for you to have private browsing and will keep you away from being tracked especially on your banking transaction or business deals.

Always be reminded that there are things that we are not capable of erasing. So make sure of what you share online because you’ll never know who is watching.