Reasons Why You Should Never Go Online Without Using a VPN

If you can remember, there was a news about ISPs selling your personal information legally and people have been worried about it. So how are you going to surf anonymously? Just imagine people watching your internet activities, address and important information without your consent. Don’t worry because there is always a VPN service provider that will let you surf the internet while keeping your peace of mind. A lot of people nowadays are using Virtual Private Network or VPN to conceal their online activities from their internet providers. Hackers can now instantly get all your personal information as these Internet providers are allowed to sell it.

Thinking of still going online without a VPN? Think twice. Don’t risk your private information just by being an irresponsible internet user. To convince you, here are some reasons why you should never go online without using a VPN.

Access geo-restricted sites on-the-go!

Have you ever tried browsing a certain website or tried to video streaming of your favorite TV shows? Once in awhile, you’ll see something like “Sorry this content is not yet available to your country”. It’s annoying, isn’t it? While connected to a VPN service, you can access your favorite websites even if it is not available to your country. You can watch a Youtube video even when you’re not allowed to watch it because the VPN will mask everything and make you look like you’re in a different country.

Hide your IP address

So what’s the important thing about hiding your IP address? Your mobile phone is your personal devices with a lot of your personal information stored. When you browse the internet without a VPN service, hackers and scammers can see your details through your IP address which will make it more vulnerable for your personal information to get stolen. Using a VPN service on your smartphone can secure your personal information because it will give you a temporary IP address and hide your identity.

Be Safe From Advertisers

When you browse a certain site or app like Facebook, they will know everything about you and your activities.  Are you tired of seeing a lot of ads? Stop being their advertising target! Your general location can be seen by them thru your IP address but you can connect to a VPN service to keep your internet security and for you to surf anonymously. It encrypts and reroutes your connection through different international servers of your choice.

These are just a few of the many benefits that you can get from using a VPN service. If you’re new to VPN, don’t worry because most VPN service providers have a customer support to always help you with your needs. Otherwise, they will provide a step by step guide for you to follow in setting it up. Use your smartphone but keep in mind that your online privacy should not be put at risk.

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