VPNs and Large-scale Management IoT Security Solutions

The arrival of many business-oriented IoT devices has created more demand for a secure connectivity. This is the reason why some enterprises especially those huge ones are experiencing a fast evolution when it comes to technology. It becomes a traditional challenging security system.

Most employees in these enterprises have their own devices such as a tablet, computer, and smartphone to communicate with the company’s network. The data will be likely transmitted via public network depending on the application used. So what do we mean by public? It only tells us that it has an unsecured connection and the fact that it is open to everyone is a little bit risky.

The IT departments of each enterprise should secure the connections especially now that there can be a security glitch and breaches. Virtual private network or VPN is one of the best tools to ensure the security of the company’s data.

A large-scale management solution is needed when deploying VPNs for multiple devices. Adding a lot of VPNs can cause over-subscription which can result to bandwidth overload. The CIOs have the main responsibility when it comes to implementing large-scale VPN management solution so the following strategies should be implemented to secure the IoT and BYOD policy.

Centralized management

First, adopt a policy-based VPN management strategy. This gives IT administrators a centralized control over VPN features and corporate policies, which is much simpler than having to manage devices individually. It keeps track of the network’s VPNs via dashboard so that it will show the status in real time.

Network Heterogeneity

Managing VPN client on end-user devices should support a network called heterogeneity. In 2018, there will be more companies that will use smart devices according to Gartner. A VPN should support all the OS to make sure that the employees can have their IoT devices to the office.

Remote access VPN

According to eWeek, there is sixty percent of workers who said that they are more productive using VPN or remote access to the corporate network. Issues like LAN access authentication or certification can be allowed by the VPN client device connectivity.

IoT security

”The growing number of employees using personal and company-owned mobile devices to connect to corporate networks is the biggest endpoint security threat today. Large organizations may have thousands of endpoint devices accessing the network at any given moment. For administrators, managing all this in terms of individual components is time-consuming and complex”, according to Ponemon Institute.

VPNs are the ideal tool for most employees to use the system securely and access it while being protected from different threats.

To sum up, with the combination of a central administration point, built-in systems, and software engineering intelligence helps in optimizing management efficiency which turns greatly to enhance the productivity of IT departments and keep corporate system networks secure.

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Source: internetofthingsagenda.techtarget.com