Watching online on your Smart TV using a VPN

There are a lot of homes that uses a Smart TV nowadays. Smart TV is sometimes preferred as a Connected TV or Hybrid TV. It was commonly made by top branded tv manufacturers like LG and Samsung. Like what the term said, it is a TV that can be connected to the internet to stream media, search and run an entertainment application; Online music station, video-rental services or even browsing the web. Like a normal smartphone or computer, it can be connected online via Wi-Fi or on an ethernet port.  

Smart TV lets you surf using its remote control. Some of the Smart TV models already have some built-in apps like Skype, Netflix, Youtube and much more, like you’re using a regular web browser. It can help you stream through any channels that you want. But what if you want to watch a YouTube video yet it has geo-restrictions because of the copyright infringement? What if you want to go live stream to watch the game of your favorite football team? You didn’t notice that the government is having a surveillance which is they see all of your tracks on the internet. When using a Smart TV we can watch anything we want, but is our internet connection safe? VPN or Virtual Private Network can help you to make a secret tunnel or can hide all of your internet data from hacking, spying and even tracking all the files you upload and download. A VPN can also remove all the restrictions on websites or videos you want.


There are three ways on how to set up a VPN on your Smart TV:


Setting by the ethernet cable

This is the easiest way to connect your Smart TV through a VPN. You will just setup the VPN setting on the router then connect it directly to the Smart TV via an ethernet port. It is also one of the best features of every flat screen tv or a Smart TV nowadays.


Setting by the Wi-Fi Router

     All of Smart TVs is a Wi-Fi enabled. Finding and choosing the fastest and the best VPN is one of the most needed when setting up the VPN on your Smart TV.   You can set up a VPN through the router and then let your computer connect to your router. Remember that setting up a VPN on a router is a bit complicated. It depends on what router you are using.


Setting via laptop and make a Wi-Fi hotspot

   Using a laptop as a Wi-Fi hotspot is the most common on the way on connecting to a VPN. You can open the VPN on your laptop and will make a Wi-Fi hotspot. By using the Smart TV’s it can connect to your Wi-Fi because all of the Smart TV’s is already Wi-Fi enable.


   Whenever you are watching on your Smart TV, Netflix, and other applications, it needed an internet connection to watch all of your channel subscriptions. There are also some countries which are Netflix is not available in a specific country. A VPN for your Smart TV helps you to watch every video without restriction.


You can use FrootVPN to give you a secure connection especially when watching on your Smart TV. Set up FrootVPN on your laptop or router that can give your Smart TV a secure tunneling.