VPN Tips: 3 Ways to Unblock Facebook

Some people are addicted to Facebook. They even waste their time on their social media accounts. Although there are many reasons to use Facebook, some of us are overusing it to the point that it is prohibited. Most of the companies are blocking Facebook because they know that some of their employees are not doing well at work. They waste their time on Facebook and disregard their tasks for the day. Even though you’re not doing this at work, there are certain times when you’re wondering how to unblock Facebook at the office where you work.

Sometimes you’re in an emergency and you have to contact someone but you cannot reach them through their contact numbers, the next thing that you will do if to send them a message on Facebook but your school or company blocked it. We are are not tolerating whatever your company policy has but, if you’re a good employee or student you should have a specific time wherein you can check your Facebook messages at least. If you really need to check it and you got nothing to do with it, we have here the three basic ways on how you can unblock Facebook. Always remember, be responsible for your every action.


Use a proxy to unblock Facebook

The first way to unblock Facebook restrictions on your school or work is to use a proxy server, which it will act as an intermediary between the server of the website that you’re trying to access and your computer. If you’re confused, VPN is different from a proxy. HTTP proxy servers are a reliable way to bypass the restrictions of your work and school network. They are inexpensive and free to use but you need to do some research and go through a setup process.

The next way is to use a web proxy service which means you do not have to reconfigure your browser’s settings or download extra software because it will connect you to a public HTTP server and enable you to surf anonymously. These web proxy services are free, but you will have to see many advertisements. Employers monitor and block web proxy services if they get too popular inside the working place.


Navigate to Facebook’s IP address directly

Open the Command Prompt on your Windows PC or the Terminal on your Mac, and then type ping.facebook.com and press Enter. This process is navigating your Facebook’s IP address directly. You will just have to find the IP address of Facebook on your personal computer at home or outside where it is not blocked. Your computer will then connect to Facebook, and once the command has run, you’ll see a series of numbers next to facebook.com in the results. So even when your workplace and school blocked Facebook, you can still connect to it.

Your IP address is four groups of up to three numbers each. You can write it including the periods and take it to school or work. Just enter the IP address into your browser’s address bar and you can be connected to Facebook.


Protect your privacy and browse Facebook anywhere using a VPN.

If you really want to check your Facebook account at work or even at school while protecting your online privacy, then use a VPN service. Protecting your privacy is the main reason why VPN services are created. No one can see your online activities while connected to a VPN. You just have to look for the best VPN service which doesn’t keep logs so that you can be 100% protected.