22 Awesome things you can do on Google Drive

Google Drive is launched on April 24, 2012. It is like a new era of saving and sending files. It is also allowing the users to edit spreadsheets, presentations or documents and acts like a cloud drive for every user that has an account. The Google ecosystem also shows that it is attracted than a million active users.


This cloud drive is a file storage service portion of Google Apps. Google Drive is also similar to Box and Dropbox. But the Google Drive has a feature of the search engine where the user will just search it easily and have the best access.


Here are the cool and awesome things about the Google Drive! 

1. Save layers of maps

This feature can allow you to save a lot of data in different layers. It is perfect for all the businessmen who has a lot of conferences.


2. Use the recent items

Do you want to continue what you left? Google Drive has a folder for the recent item to easily find the file you’ve open or edit easily.


3. Starred all the important items

You can put a star on the document that you always open. This can also serve as the bookmark for documents.


4. Share file easily between the users

No flash drives? Google Drive has a feature where you can share your document with another Google user. You can share your document easily by just adding their gmail address. By sharing your file to another user, you should use a VPN so that no one can open or get the files away.


5. Restrict your documents that is shared

Once you’ve share a document to another user,  you can put a control on your own document. You can stop them from sharing your file.


6. Install a drive software or mobile app

You can install a software on your computer or a mobile application so access the cloud drive easily.


7. Make a Google Form

Google Form is one of Google’s feature where you can create a survey form for others to answer it. You can ask questions, or add a full-text box.


8. Doodle everything

Google Drawing will allow you to make flowcharts, diagrams, and any other things. You can draw anything you want.


9. See people’s work on the document

Once you open a document, you will see who opens the same document at the same time. You can see what words they are adding.

10. Convert all of your uploads to the Google Docs

The Google Drive has a built in the tool where they convert all the files which are an unsupported type.

11. Arrange your music files with the DriveTunes

The DriveTunes should be enabled manually. It will find all the music on your drive automatically and plays it on the web.


12. Change the color of the folders

Confused  on having a lot of folders?  Change their colors so that you can see it clearly.


13. Shows the revision history

This part shows that all the revision made by the users who has a permission to do it.  The revision history shows what they delete or what words they add more.


14. Can easily get a shareable link

If you only want others to view that document of yours, you can send them the link to the document.


15. Sort files by using the folders

Google never sets a limit for how many folders you can put on your drive.


16. Embed the folder on a website

You can put your folder on your website too. Embed your folder to your site so that it can be seen by your visitors too.


17. Disseminate photos

You can easily backup your photos easily on your drive.


18. Research tool

When you are having trouble about what you put on your document, you can easily research for your document.


19. OCR graphics

Google drive has a feature that comes with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function. It will allow you to search for words on the document.


20. Show comments

All of the people who is shared on your document can put a comment on the whole document.


21. Can deal with the large files

Don’t get worry about backing up the whole document. Just set up  the automatic backup then a notification will pop-up saying that backing up is finished.


22. Can open different document types

Google drive can open different types of file like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator files


Google Drive may have a lot of awesome features, but the most important thing is to backup  your important files. Every Time you backup, you should make sure that your internet connection is secured. FrootVPN is a tool that can help you in securing your cloud drive like Google Drive. Get your files encrypted and protected now for as low as $2.99 a month.