5 Tech Pranks for Your Co-Workers on April Fools Day

Time flies so fast and tomorrow is April 1 for the year 2016. Since April 1 is well-known to as April Fools day, prank day and different funny jokes can fool you. Don’t get lured with serious things in your life and learn to be happy even just for April fools day. It is one way of celebrating life and remembering that once in a while, we should celebrate life every day and put a huge smile in our face. Since April 1 was set to Friday, it’s good if you’ll do some little April fools ideas and prank with your officemates while they are busy doing their tasks and may forget that April fools day do exist.

Here are 5 tech pranks to do to your office mates for April Fools Day.

Block their mouse sensor using a tape or a post-it.

He or she will notice and wonder why the mouse of her computer is not working and when looked at the sensor they will see you “April Fools Day” words there. Make sure to put a smiley on it.

Give them a heart attack by setting their phone with cracked screen wallpaper.

You will definitely have a good laugh when you do this. You can borrow one of your office mate’s phones and set a cracked wallpaper screen. Tell him or her that you dropped it and wait the reaction from his or her face. Make sure to say “Happy April Fools Day” with a piece signed fingers.

Plug a wireless mouse and keyboard on their computer and control it from afar.

Come early to work so that you can do all these pranks. If your work is all up to desktop computers that uses the regular keyboard, now is your time to plug a wireless mouse and keyboard so that when you start to control the desktop computer, you’ll have the best laugh of the day from their reactions. Type silly messages and don’t forget the April Fools Day words before they get annoyed.

Flip their computer’s screen upside down.

This is the easiest and lightest prank that you can do. For windows users, go directly to desktop, then display settings and change the screen orientation.

Move their desktop icons into screenshot of their desktop display.

Take two to three screenshots of their desktop and move the real icons into different positions until your officemate can’t really figure out everything about her computer. You’ll have a good laugh on this and when you finally see her being annoyed, stand up and tap her shoulders and say “Happy April Fools Day!”

This is once a year technology prank that you can do. Just don’t overdo it that someone may get hurt and hate you. Always be ready for every consequences that it may cause you.

Source: techspot