5 Reasons Why Every Online Traveler Should Use a VPN

Travel bloggers and digital nomads are full of gadgets when traveling the world. You can always see them with their iPads, iPhones, Laptop and Digital Cameras. Each of them have different reason why they travel. Aside from their passions they are also in collaboration with different brands, clients and business works that needs to be done while traveling. From inconsistency of connections and using the Internet everywhere they are, their personal information and data can be put in risked. They can have viruses and hackers can easily steal their identities for personal matters.

Using a vpn service is the best thing that they should have while doing their ultimate travel. Nowadays, different vpn service providers have apps and you can connect to them wherever you are as long as you’re going to use your Internet which is the main thing why you should be protecting yourself from different cyber crimes that can happen to you. We have a list of the 5 reasons why every online traveler should use a vpn service. If you’re one of them or just planning to be one of them, these are the reasons why you should travel with your vpn service.


  • Hide your IP address. Scammers and hackers are often looking for your IP address so that they can trace everything about you. Since you’re using a vpn, you can now surf anonymously with your new IP address provided by your vpn service in with your chosen vpn server location.
  • Surf the web anonymously. Now that your IP address is hidden, you can surf anonymously and all your data, personal information and other things will be encrypted to a secured tunnel so that no one can ever trace it. Travel bloggers should always surf anonymously. One important thing that can be stolen from them is their online reputation with their name. Once you lost it, everything will be broken.
  • Secure browsing. Surfing anonymously also includes about your sensitive data such as username, email address, password and chat logs to be hidden. Everything is anonymous and untraceable so you don’t need to worry about someone looking at your sensitive data and can be used against you.
  • Malware Protection. Using a vpn is good if you worry about viruses that can destroy your gadgets. With a vpn service it can alert you with some of the malicious sites that can bring harm to your accounts and gadgets. It’s like a “preemptive anti-virus software.”
  • Security from Public Wi-fi. We all know that hackers and scammers are putting open public Wi-Fi hotspots in purpose so that they can trace your personal information once you connect to them. Some of the open place that they use to set up these open public wifi are airports and coffee shops. Having your own vpn service can protect you from the prying eyes of these scammers and hackers and also provide you a completely private browsing.

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