Maximize the Speed of Your Internet While Gaming with a VPN!

It is now easy to keep your personal data and internet activities by using a VPN or a Virtual Private Network. Everyone should learn on how to use a VPN whenever they use the internet. Protecting your personal information whenever you browse the internet is a must, especially nowadays that hackers are waiting for their next victim.

Although there are so many things that we can benefit from using a VPN, there are also general concerns and disadvantages that we can experience from using it. Some of these disadvantages include complexity, price, and internet speed slow down.

We can do tests from different VPN services but we’re sure that most of them may not provide a full download speed. There’s a good thing when it comes to internet privacy and speed keeps it balanced. Don’t worry because there are some techniques that you can do to minimize the lag. Aside from internet security and online privacy, using a VPN while gaming can let you access to a server to block a certain game that is not available for your country. It is also best to use if you care about the security of your credit card’s data from the prying eyes of hackers.

1. Go for the basics

Check your internet speeds before you proceed to other technical steps. You can check your speeds on a website like Speedtest before you optimize your VPN service. Make sure to reboot your computer, router, and modem as it may also need some optimization before you try to configure any VPN issues.

2. Location

Connect to a VPN server closest to your location and know where the gaming server is located so that it will minimize the geographic distance that its data will travel. To compare, using the shortest wire can give you the fastest connection so it means, the connection can give you its best speed. Try as many closer server locations near your current location.

3. Encrypt Less

A VPN guards the information by applying encryption to information on the client’s end and afterward unscrambling it at their server. This procedure adds extra data to the information stream, which backs off velocities, and is named encryption overhead. While it is hard to state what is “Sufficient encryption,” understand that 256-piece encryption will have a slower speed than 128-bit encryption, so consider encoding less, and recollect that 256-bit is viewed as sufficiently secure for US Government Top Secret interchanges, and the vast majority of our information is not almost this mystery.

4. Internet Protocol Settings

Some VPN services allow a choice of VPN protocols. Select the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), rather than the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). The second one is slower as it requires lost packets to be redelivered and guarantees delivery of data. UDP is a less solid service, yet has fewer limitations, less overhead, and in this manner speedier rates.

5. Segregation of Traffic

There are times when certain activity needs a VPN, however in spite of the above methodologies, it is dragging the gaming execution down. So make sure you can segregate traffic while you play your games.