FrootVPN Has Powerful Updates That You Should Check!

There’s always a room for improvement and we can always see proofs from business services to technology including VPN service providers like FrootVPN.

Payment Methods

FrootVPN is proud to announce several updates that our customers can avail. Starting last week, new additional payment methods are available. We can remember that the previous payment methods are just available for PayPal and Bitcoin but today, customers have additional options to pay.

1. Credit Cards. Pay directly using your credit cards without PayPal or any other online payment system linked to your account.

2. PayPal. For another fast and secured transactions, you can still choose to pay using PayPal.

3. Bitcoin. If you’re comfortable to pay using Bitcoin, it is still available for you to choose.

4. Perfect Money. The newest available payment method to pay your FrootVPN subscription is by using Perfect Money. It accepts e-currency, bank wire and SMS payments that you can use from an e-commerce website.

The Credit Card payment method has been fixed already so for those customers who wish to purchase or renew their subscription packages can now use their credit cards again. So all in all, there are four available payment methods for the customers to choose from according to their convenience. No need to worry because we still offer our 30-days money back guaranteed to any of our subscription packages.


Developed Client Area and Order Page

Customers can also notice the newly-developed client area and order page created to simplify the ordering transactions. Below are the new things that you can notice and experience on our order page:

  •  See and check billing history. You can now see the billing history from your profile which means easier access for you just in case you want to look for your previous transactions.
  • See different manual VPN configuration guides. You can now find a lot of information if you need to connect to FrootVPN using your preferred protocols and operating system.
  • Check the speed of servers. Under the diagnostic, there is also an easier way of checking the speed of the server you are connected to and the server information from the new client area. You can also see your IP address and Ping/Latency.
  • Cancel your subscription. If you have used your credit card to purchase a subscription package, you can use the new option to cancel your account. Note: This is just available for credit card payment method, not for the other payment method used.
  • Change password. It is also easier for you to change your password to protect your account. There is also an option there in which you can change your email address and username.


Five multiple devices simultaneously.

One more additional update is that FrootVPN now supports five multiple devices simultaneously connected to their VPN service. From the previous updates, we only allow three multiple devices simultaneously so if you have four devices you need to purchase another subscription package for it. Now, customers can enjoy five devices connected at the same time.


New powerful servers.

Our servers have also been replaced with more new powerful and dedicated servers that is why in the past few weeks, customers have been experiencing some issues but our team is doing our best to provide a better customer support. We want our customers to have more options when it comes to servers so as of the moment, here is the list of servers available to connect with.

List of new servers available:

1) USA

Added 6 NEW servers in following states:

  •         Virginia
  •         Texas
  •         Illinois
  •         Georgia
  •         Florida
  •         California
  •         Arizona

2) Canada

Added 2 NEW servers in following cities:

  •         Vancouver
  •         Montreal

3) Germany

The old server was replaced with 2 NEW servers in following cities:

  •         Dusseldorf
  •         Frankfurt

4) Netherlands

Added two NEW servers in Amsterdam. Currently 3 servers available.

5) Great Britain (UK)

Added 5 NEW servers in London, currently 7 servers available for users.

Aside from these newly added servers, we also still have the other existing servers.

  •         Brazil
  •         Sweden
  •         Russia
  •         Poland
  •         South Korea
  •         France
  •         Switzerland
  •         Singapore
  •         Japan
  •         Israel
  •         Australia

To experience our service fresh from the updates and to find more about the new improvements, visit our website at and avail of our one-year subscription package and save 40% on your purchase!