6 Awesome Tips When You are Working Online From a Cruise Ship

Cruise ship travel runs around more than 12 days. It must be really tiring and you just see the whole ocean the whole day and night, but what if you need to work when you’re on your trip? There are jobs nowadays that are conducted online. If you have an online job you are independent on your location. You can work with your mobile or laptop, good perks especially if you are a teaching online. Even if you are on a cruise ship and traveling. Yes even if you are on a cruise trip. The internet technology today has now fully developed especially on the ships. The internet connection on cruise travels is now very good and excellent. You can surf on the internet even if you are in the middle of the sea.

You can take this tips with you before you get into a cruise ship travel:

Plan ahead

Check the schedule of the cruise ship. Know everything about the ship’s itinerary. Always remember that you should consider the number of days when you are on the ship. You can also use the best mobile signal that can let you connect throughout the world. There is also some internet cafe that you can easily find once you get off the cruise ship. Never forget to bring all of your devices when you are going out. Save all of your documents to the Google Drive  or Dropbox you that you can still have the backups if you ever misplaced your flash drives.


Do your pre-work as possible

No matter what is your online job, try to do most of your task ahead of time before you leave. Do all of the time-consuming tasks so that you can send it away when you are at home. You can also connect to a video live chat to send all of your files to your co-worker. There will be some time that a site is banned if you are connected to a different country. A VPN can help you to unblock those sites that have a geo-restriction.


Use your own connection as possible

If you ever connected to the internet connection of the cruise ship, make sure that it is not an open connection. Open internet connection can leak all of your internet data. Once you are connected to it, there might be some hackers that can attack all of your secured accounts. Always prefer using the private and secured connection that you have in your hand. If it is really inevitable for you to connect to any public wifi hotspots, be sure to check some Guidelines for a Secured Public Wi-Fi Hotspot Connection.


Plan a budget for your internet package

There are some cruise travels that consumes more than 10 days in travel. Some of the cruise ships offer an internet bundle which is exclusively by yourself. With this internet bundle, it will let you message or even sent all of your files to your boss or manager on time.


Work offline as possible

Not all the time, there is an available internet connection inside the cruise ship. If ever this scene happened, you should learn to do your Job even if you are not online. When you are connected online there is sometimes that you can’t do your job well because you are tempted to open your social media account when you finally connected to the internet for a long time.


Make a backup plan

Whenever you are doing your online job, always make a backup plan. In this way you will not get panicked when you make a mistake, it is so hard to resolve a problem when you are away and especially when you are on a cruise ship.


Having a very long journey on the cruise ship is really tiring and can make you feel so bored waiting for a long time to get off. Having a safe internet connection on the cruise ship can help you to do your online job for that long time. If you want to stay secured all of your files and data when you are on a cruise ship, use FrootVPN to protect all of your internet data. Even if you are connected to an open internet connection inside the cruise ship, FrootVPN will serve as the shield for all or data. Get FrootVPN now before you get on you long vacation on your cruise ship. Von Voyage!


Sources: edjourneys.com