How to Change Your Netflix Country Without a VPN (Easy Solution)

Do you have a friend that lives overseas and has access to Netflix movies and shows that you want to watch? Have you recently found that you have watched everything there is to watch within your interest on Netflix? A VPN can get you access to servers in other countries, but if you don’t fancy paying for a VPN there might be another way to change your Netflix country without a VPN. 

You can change the location of your Netflix region by using a DNS Proxy server. A DNS Proxy can gain server access to geo-restricted content online by changing your DNS settings. The DNS Proxy connects you to a DNS server which then connects you to another server but makes it think you are local. 

You can change your country of origin or mask your current country easily enough with or without a VPN. A VPN encrypts your server location so you can access Netflix in any other country and not be blocked by geo-locations. To prevent Netflix from finding your server IP address where it shouldn’t be, tread carefully or risk being blocked. Read on to find out how you can change regions without a VPN. 

how to change netflix country without a vpn

How to Change Your Netflix Region Without a VPN

Using a VPN is probably the easiest way, but you can also change your Netflix region with a Domain Name System (DNS) Proxy server. 

The DNS server takes requests from servers and translates them into readable internet addresses to connect them to another server. 

It works similar to a VPN but doesn’t encrypt your server to protect and secure your privacy and mask your IP address. 

DNS Proxy Vs VPN

While you don’t need a VPN to “change regions” to access Netflix in other countries, a VPN does secure your privacy in most cases. We say in most cases because many free VPN services have been known to sell user information to third parties to make up for losses. 

A DNS Proxy will do the trick without encrypting your location and IP address. This Proxy server changes your device’s domain server name, not your server’s IP address.

  • VPN encrypts and re-directs all internet traffic to mask your location and secure your privacy.
  • DNS Proxies only sends specific information to a server and does not encrypt all your web traffic
  • VPN secures your privacy online by masking your IP address and essentially making your server anonymous
  • DNS proxies do not mask your IP address but change your server’s name so that the servers you’re requesting information from thinking you are local to them

People use DNS proxy servers for numerous other sites and streaming services too including online game streaming. DNS Proxy servers are also commonly used for people who want to gain access to Netflix in the US as US Netflix servers have put up numerous firewalls and blocks to unknown IP addresses that you would usually achieve from having a VPN. 

So, while many may have tried to use a VPN to get access to Netflix in the states, they may have found their time, money, and effort worthwhile against the strength of Netflix geo-restrictions. 

DNS Proxy servers, much like a VPN, are also used to experience better internet speeds and prevent lag when browsing and searching online content that may have a lot of web traffic slowing the servers down. VPNs, however, are not commonly used for faster internet speeds and can slow down your internet traffic rather than speed it up or average it out. 

Here are the main differences between a DNS Proxy and a VPN:

Does not change or encrypt your IP addressMasks IP Address and server location
Does not provide security to your online traffic and personal informationProvides security to internet traffic and personal information
Easy setup on your WI-FI router at home and applies to all device’s connected to that WI-FI routerNumerous VPN servers to choose from 
Does not encrypt your personal data and sensitive information leaving your privacy open to prying eyesEncrypts data to make you anonymous and untraceable to others
Does not hinder your internet connection and speedsCan slow down your internet speeds – a paid VPN service works to prevent this
A DNS Proxy server offers its own library and the content your seeking might not be availableUnpaid and paid VPNs can still come up against firewalls and blocks
You can get free trials through some services, and there are free DNS services out there, but DNS Proxy is usually a paid service, and paid services are saferVarious free VPNs are available but can’t be as trusted as paid VPNs. Free VPN services have been known to intentionally slow down internet traffic speeds, host more ads, and sell private information to third-party sources. 
This is a legal service, and your activity can be trackedThis is a legal service, and you can still be tracked by your VPN provider

Why Do People Want to Change Netflix Regions?

People want to change Netflix regions to access better content suited to them and their interests. 

Due to copyright enforcement on each movie created and how studios enforce these copyright laws by country, Netflix can only stream certain content in designated countries. 

Studies release their copyright services to Netflix based on demand for content. In other words, what might be popular in the US isn’t so popular in Australia and vice versa. So Netflix is charged more for services the studio doesn’t believe are worth streaming to particular non-interested countries. 

Netflix also changes the content you can get access to when you travel. Your IP address connects to local servers which means you can only gain access to local servers. If there was a TV show you were watching at home and really wanted to finish it while traveling, if Netflix hasn’t paid for the right to stream that show in your new destination, you might have to wait until you get home. 

This would be enough to make anyone want to change Netflix regions. As you now know, a way around this is through using a VPN or a DNS Proxy server. Now you don’t have to wait to finish your favorite TV show! 

How Can I Setup a Smart DNS Proxy Server?

Be mindful and wary of free DNS proxies, just like free VPN services, they can steal your personal data and expose your privacy to other parties or use it for their own benefit. Free services usually have a lack of customer support too so don’t expect the service you’d get at the Hilton. 

  • Find a proxy server you can trust and know who the provider is – do your research!
  • Keep cybersecurity and privacy policies in mind when selecting your DNS Proxy server
  • Create an account with your chosen DNS proxy server

For this article, we’ve selected one of the biggest DNS Proxy services around, the Smart DNS Proxy. We’ve selected this service because it has a reputation for being one of the most reliable and upfront proxy servers with thousands of users worldwide. 

You can set up a Smart DNS Proxy on Windows and Mac, here are the steps to take for those using Windows:

  1. Access your control panel through the windows start tab
  2. Select the “network and internet” link
  3. Select “network and sharing center”
  4. You’ll find “change adapter settings” on the left side of the opened window and you need to select this button
  5. Right-click on the Wi-Fi option and select “properties”
  6. Uncheck the “IPv6 protocol” box in the box that opens up labeled “Wi-Fi Properties”
  7. Double click on the IPv4 which opens another box
  8. Tick the circle that states “use the following DNS server address” and enter the preferred and alternate IP addresses which you will get from the Smart DNS Server locations
  9. Validate the new settings by selecting “OK” at the bottom of the pop-up box
  10. Restart your PC, laptop or TV to ensure the new settings are current and saved

You can also check out this YouTube video by Smart DNS Proxy for further details. 


There are risks to using both a VPN and a DNS Proxy, but if you do your research, you can prevent common concerns and issues easily. 

Using a DNS proxy is safe and is also a legal way to gain access to geo-restricted content. If you want to bypass blocks and firewalls to gain access to stream Netflix in other countries and aren’t concerned about your online privacy, consider a DNS Proxy Server to bypass restrictions easily.