Top 7 Tips That You Should Follow When You Use a VPN

VPN is a common tool which helps our personal information safe and internet security. People are thinking that you only need to connect to a VPN service and that’s it! Unfortunately, there are more things that we can do to keep our online privacy from the prying eyes of hackers.

Here are top seven tips that you should follow whenever you’re browsing the internet with a VPN.

Stay Incognito

Keep your personal information safe and secure as well as your internet activities by simply using incognito mode. Your browsers collect and give away some of your personal user information. Have you experienced a certain website that asks for cookies and anything related to that? Most websites do not inform you about it. Make sure that you always stay in incognito mode. Always clear the history once you’re done browsing.

Disable Geolocation services

Your devices such as smartphones and tablets have a lot of tracking features. So, think about it. We always use these devices to do online transactions, email and communication and these tracking features can easily track you by simply looking at your location. Turn off these geolocation services and stay anonymous online.

Enable your Firewall

Firewalls should be on always even when you’re using or not using a VPN. If you check your MS Windows antivirus, you’ll notice that it comes with a built-in firewall. Th preset doesn’t allow you to make any changes to the settings but your 100% sure that the ports are closed.

Check and manage your cookies

Most of us do not pay attention to cookies and a lot of people don’t know something about it. If you often visit the same websites every time you browse the internet, it can be helpful for you as it remembers your preferences. It can also make your browsing fast but it can also be modified easily and turn into tracking scripts.

These scripts will start to monitor all your internet activities and network information that will lead to selling your personal data to advertisers. Aside from advertisers, who know to whom they are going to sell it next. So, clear all your cookies and browsing history.

VPN over TOR

The Onion Router or TOR was a huge deal when this technology came out and a lot of us have used a TOR browser to use Facebook at work. You can depend on TOR itself. It is an extraordinary open-source arrangement accessible for all stage, be that as it may, utilizing a mix of VPNs with L2TP/IPsec alongside TOR makes it for all intents and purposes difficult to get to the genuine article (if TOR is an onion, L2TP/IPSec are two additional onions over it).

Pay for Your VPN with Untraceable Currency

It is smarter to be over secure than uncovered even if it may appear excessive suspicion. Being in disguise, on the web as well as with your money related operations, drives the limits of the obscurity idea all things considered; VPN suppliers can think about your installment points of interest. You can’t give somebody those points of interest if you paid with Bitcoin. A great many people will concur this is secure and coherent.

Use L2TP/IPsec security

There are various approaches to get a working VPN. It can be limited to encryption/burrowing conventions and calculations. Most VPN service providers ordinarily utilize PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP, IKEv2 for movement burrowing. We will focus on just two of those, to be specific PPTP and L2TP/IPsec. PPTP is one of the pioneers in burrowing innovation. It is additionally the most vulnerable one. Microsoft has formally expressed various circumstances that this convention has been traded off, consequently, we don’t prescribe setting up a VPN actualized by methods for PPTP. L2TP/IPsec, then again, demonstrates a better than average level of security.

It is essentially a 2-layer burrowing framework used to twofold the movement security.While utilizing this technique no real vulnerabilities have been accounted for. Individuals regularly applaud OpenVPN for the utilization of SSL. It is conceivable that a few clients would prefer not to introduce additional product; which is required by OpenVPN. L2TP/IPsec, then again, can utilize local system chief abilities.

Optimize ways for it be harder for intruders to get to your PC, cookies and firewalls makes you vulnerable to attacks. Be careful when it comes to the protocols of VPNs and how they are made.


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