How to Make Money from a VPN This 2017?

A VPN is a common tool that we can use nowadays to protect our online information and activities. Having a VPN service that you will need to pay every month is a kind of additional expenses, but you can do something from it. You may find some VPN service providers with higher prices compared to others but, their features and way of service are different. This 2017, start protecting your internet security and online privacy while making money from a VPN. You will surely ask, how? Well, this article is written to help you get some ideas on how you are going to do it.


Do Resell.

This is also one of the easiest way yet, you need lots of marketing strategies to help you generate sales. There are large VPN service providers out there. Check out USA VPN  for reviews and find one with numerous servers around the world. For you to earn money from it, you can purchase a wholesale and you will earn out of it according to the number of accounts sold. You have to be good in selling and convincing people to buy from you because if they know where you get it, they will go there directly which mean no sales left to you. Re-label it as good as you can.


Be on Hand.

Whatever the VPN service providers are offering, you have to stay competitive and create your own strategies that will make people choose your brand compared to the others. If you need to set up their VPN accounts and create their own connections remotely, do it. Most people just want to buy and get the thing working as soon as possible. Not all people will patiently do it by themselves. Monitor your customer’s accounts and update it manually when needed.


Set your preferred price.

You bought a VPN service for wholesale because you want to resell and earn something from it so you have to set your price fairly. Make sure that you can still get some amount as profits by keeping your customers enjoy the high-quality VPN service for their internet security and online privacy.


Affiliate program

Do you have a website and you have a decent amount of followers? You can earn some money from a VPN by joining their affiliate programs. All you have to do is sign up on their website and you will be given some links or banners to put on your own website. When someone clicked that link or banner and made a purchase, you earn your commission.


To give you an example on which VPN service provider have an affiliate program, you can check out FrootVPN and sign up to earn your commissions. We offer 50% commissions for all the sales that you have referred. You’re assured that your referrals are safe because we have an efficient and secure system tracking of referrals via website cookies. It’s a good feeling when your personal information and online activities are safe from the prying eyes of the hackers while earning some extra amount to add to your savings.