Pokemon Sun and Moon is here, and VPN on Nintendo DS?

We all grew up playing and watching Pokemon. We do know every Pokemon that Ash have and we wish that we can have one of it. Now, Pokemon is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. For their celebration, they release a new generation of the RPG game called “Sun” and “Moon”. Just recently, Pokemon revealed the new set of starter or the initial pokemon to choose. They put new Pokemon characters, still on three’s: water, grass and fire types. New Pokemon and new adventures with our cute little pocket monsters, namely, Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.

Check out and watch the trailer of the new starter pokemon.

There are a lot of events on the Pokemon 20th anniversary, like releasing the new animated series season 19 (Pokemon XYZ), the Pokemon Go (which will release this summer)  and the most awaited is this Pokemon Sun and Moon. This latest game will be released on November 18, 2016 and we are so excited to play it. There are a lot of spoilers and other guesses about this game, like are they going to make a new town, namely, Alola Region.

If you want to be a Nintendo DS user, you can buy the console itself. The Nintendo DS’ consoles have some initial games, but it is just little and just a short game. Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL are both in the same quality but they differ on the screen size. The Nintendo 3DS XL is 90% larger screen than the 3DS. There are some cases that you can play a Nintendo 3DS game to a 2DS. This can help you in making decisions on what you will buy.

Pokemon is known as an expensive game especially when it’s new and just released. A single cartridge cost a lot and you just play a single game in a single cartridge that cost for like 20-40% of the console price, depends on what game you want. If the Pokemon game is new and just newly released it really cost a lot. If you want o buy it in a low price, you can buy it after a month so that you can bought it in a bit low price.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is the latest game they will release, some of the hackers convert the latest game into a ROM file and play it with an emulator. But the older generations of Pokemon is still leaking anywhere on the internet. You can just download a NES ROM and then the NDS emulator to play it.

When trading a Pokemon, some of the gamers uses internet to trade. Gamers use tunneling every time they trade to avoid hanging and lagging on the middle of the process. You can connect your Nintendo console via Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector which you can connect your laptop. Now you can have a VPN connection even if you are using a Nintendo Console. A VPN on Nintendo DS Consoles can lessen the hanging and lagging especially when trading pokemons.

You can use FrootVPN to give you a secure connection especially when gaming or needed the game online. Set up FrootVPN on your laptop that can give your Nintendo DS a secure tunneling.

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