5 Simple Tips on Securing your Online Financial Accounts

Online Transactions could be considered convenient yet very vulnerable to cyber frauds which can cause a great disaster especially to your finances. It includes account hacking, data breaches, identity theft and many more.The hackers are really cunning, that is why, we must be very vigilant in doing transactions online. You’ve got to keep your financial accounts secured and one way to achieve that is to follow this 5 simple tips.

Compose a Strong Password

Password Configurations are your major defense so it should not be taken for granted. As much as possible try to make it less transparent. Never linked it to your personal details like your birthday or your spouse’s birthday. You can use non-sensical combination of symbols, numbers and upper-and-lower-case numbers. It could also be a random theme spelled using signs and symbols. Always secure it with a password manager and most of all change your passwords regularly. You could also read our blog about The 20 Password Commandments for more ideas.

Demand Verbal Confirmation from Broker or Bank before Transacting

When you plan to make a transaction online, make sure that every fund transfer requests sent to the bank is backed up with a verbal confirmation at least over the phone. You must also assure that your bank and your broker recognizes your voice and gives you a phone call before any transaction.

Handle WiFi with Care

Always make sure that your home WiFi is password-protected. It is also better if you would consider subscribing to a reputable and most secure vpn service so that you could prevent your personal data from being intercepted.

Having a secure vpn like FrootVPN could make public WiFis safer, especially when you’re traveling and you’re planning to make a transaction, WIFI alone could make your funds in danger, therefore, it is much better to use a secure vpn connection.

Set Limits on Auto Bill Payments

Even you can’t monitor your monthly bills regularly, it will be a good discipline to set limits for auto payments, so that there would be a little chance for you to encounter frauds. It is also a good thing to be very meticulous in every transaction you will be doing.

Be Careful of What you Post on Social Media

In using Social Media, you must be responsible in handling your publicly shared posts and personal messages especially on Twitter and Facebook. As much as possible, avoid mentioning your personal informations on the website so that hackers wouldn’t have any entry point from you.

If you plan to do a transaction, Never forget to review the privacy policies of the website to ensure the security of your finances. As what the famous saying goes “Think before you act”. It’s never wrong to make transactions online. You just need make sure that you have a high VPN security before entering this transaction.

Truly online financial transactions is prone to cyber frauds however, through this simple tips along with a secure vpn service you can experience a safe online transaction. Always keep this in your mind so that you can achieve the best transaction ever.


Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com