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Does VPN Damage Your Phone? (Myths Debunked)

While virtual private networks (VPN) have come to be known as a way to gain access to geo-restricted content, they’re also known for some serious privacy invasion schemes and, in some cases, people have spread the word that VPNs can damage your phone. But do they...

Can You Use a VPN with FanDuel? (Helpful Tips)

A common way to work around geographic restrictions and blocks on your internet server is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs are used, legally, by many people around the world for work purposes, gaming, protecting their privacy when browsing, and online...

How to Use a VPN for Roobet (A Quick Guide)

Roobet is an innovative site, allowing you to use cryptocurrency for gambling. This should provide users with more anonymity. However, it’s common for regulators to block access to this type of content. Will using a VPN allow you to get around these restrictions to...

Does a VPN Affect Your Phone Battery Life? (Explained)

Downloading VPN onto your phone and other devices that you connect to the internet with is a good idea for keeping your web browsing traffic and your personal information secure. It’s also a good idea to install a VPN on your phone and PC when using public Wi-Fi in...

How to Change Tinder Location with a VPN (A Quick Guide)

Dating can be a ton of fun, but we have to be a little extra careful with online dating apps, like Tinder. App companies can only do so much to keep their users safe, and after all, people lie on their profiles all the time. You definitely don’t want some creep to...

Do VPN Providers Sell Your Data? (Facts to Be Aware of)

You’ve heard the rumors and now you’re looking for answers, right? Apparently, some VPN providers have been known to sell service users’ data. Is it the paid services or just the free VPN services that are known for this misleading behavior and why do they do it?...

The 6 Ways Free VPN Services Make Money (The Facts To Know)

As much as we all like freebies, some of us might often question ‘why’ they’re free or ‘how’ they’re free. It’s a reasonable question considering everybody needs to get paid to pay the bills. Free VPN service providers are no different. So, how exactly do free VPN...

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