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Can You Connect To VPN Without Internet? (Explained)

Most people are familiar with how a VPN works when browsing the internet. But what if you are offline? Can you still connect to a VPN? There are some situations where you can use a VPN to connect to an offline network.  This is most common in businesses. For most...

Tor Vs. VPN: What Is Better For Privacy?

Many used to find the thought or the actions of torrenting and/or streaming slightly nerve-wracking. Somewhere along the line, within the computing and software world, VPNs for protecting one’s privacy became common knowledge. Then came the free open-source privacy...

Double VPN Vs. Obfuscated VPN (With A Comparison Table)

Double VPN and Obfuscated VPN are server connections that work to conceal your IP address and encrypt the internet data you send and receive so that your location is masked. Double VPN servers, or chain VPN, encrypt your data twice or more while obfuscated VPN...

The 7 Reasons Why You Need a VPN for Firestick (Guide)

Over 40 million people worldwide are now using Amazon's popular portable firestick streaming service that easily plugs into any HDMI port of any television. It’s user-friendly, it’s easy to set up, and it lets you watch numerous streaming apps and services from one...

Does VPN Help with Ping? (A Quick Guide For Gamers)

For many people around the world, gaming and online gaming can be a coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety. For others, lag, and slow internet traffic in gaming can be the cause of their stress and anxiety. We have some pretty epic gamers in the world that rely on...

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VPN vs. Proxy For Torrenting (What Is A Better Choice And Why?)

The internet is filled with loopholes that hackers and identity thieves take advantage of to exploit unsuspecting browsers. The risk of encountering these unethical people is heightened by using torrent clients to download pirated content. However, you can manage to...

Can Internet Providers See Your History With VPN? (Explained)

When you’re using a VPN, you want assurances that it is actually protecting your browsing information. While most people know that it will protect your IP address, it’s not as clear if it will protect your history. So can your internet service provider see your search...