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Feel the digital life of Americans with USA VPN

  • Multiple internet protocol support for all devices
  • Ultimate protection against surveillance and cyber crimes
  • Freely access websites like Netflix, Pandora Radio, Spotify, Hulu, and many more
  • Web standard for security encryption (2048-bits)
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • P2P allowed
  • SSL-secured servers
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Enjoy complete online freedom in the ‘Land of the Free’

Call it ‘Mericuh or Uncle Sam. Whatever you call it, travel virtually to the Western world and feel completely free with FrootVPN USA VPN service, which offers up to 2048-bit encryption supported in PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN internet tunnelling protocols applicable in all your devices.

Pathway to the land
Secure your connection

Secure your internet connection

Connecting to FrootVPN secures your internet connection by encrypting all your information to the highest web standard, with SSL-secured servers which allows you to surf freely and without constraints anywhere you are in the world, even if you are in a country where anything you do online is being monitored.

Unlock content of any site

Unblock contents and access any site

Feel the New York minute when unblocking contents of US-restricted streaming websites through using FrootVPN. Everywhere you are in the world, you can choose USA VPN service as your location to be able to access sites like Netflix and Hulu for your movie and video streaming, or even Crunchyroll for Asian anime and contents, or listen to music streaming sites like Pandora and Spotify with no restrictions. Never see that “this page is not available in your region” message ever again while using FrootVPN.

FrootVPN helps you fight internet surveillance with its high-speed, ultra secure and encrypted world-class VPN service for secured browsing and ensured online privacy.

Guarantee Online Safety

Guarantee your Online Safety

Don’t let cybercriminals to freely come in and intercept your precious data. While using FrootVPN USA VPN service, all your information is encrypted with 2048-bit encryption to make it harder for snoopers to break into.

Surf Anonymously on Web

Surf anonymously

Search engines, advertisers, scammers, hackers and identity thieves are all looking for ways to get their hands on your valuable data. While connecting to FrootVPN’s world-class service, you make it harder for them to identify you, denying them access to these precious information of yours.

No logging of activity

No logging of your activity

No logging of your online activities is allowed while connecting to FrootVPN as part of our commitment to provide your with complete online security. Likewise, ISP data retention and sharing is highly avoided to avoid data intervention.

Join the Family of 300,000+ Satisfied Users

FrootVPN service now extends to 300,000 plus contented users representing our reliability.
The numbers are still growing. When will you be one of them?

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High speed, ultra secure and encrypted VPN!

By using FrootVPN you say no to internet surveillance. With this high-speed, encrypted and easy to use VPN you can safely and anonymously browse the web from anywhere.

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