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Experience Complete UK VPN Service

  • Be exempted from geo-blocking
  • Enjoy popular media streaming sites like BBC US, CBC, Global TV, CWHL, Hulu, Pandora, etc
  • Reliable 24/7/365 customer support
  • PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocol support
  • 2048-bit encryption for maximum data security
  • Experience complete internet freedom
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Learn the British Accent while using the internet with United Kingdom VPN service

Know more to be more. While using FrootVPN UK VPN service, your precious information will be encrypted with the highest web standard for security, the 2048-bit encryption, much like the highest educated population in UK. The multi-protocol support that this best VPN provides also allows great freedom for any users anywhere and anytime.

Pathway to the land
Secure your connection

Secure your internet connection

Whether you’re connected in your home internet router or on insecure public WiFi hotspots, the brighter side is you can keep your personal information locked and safeguarded while using FrootVPN UK VPN service. Welcome home this fast and reliable internet connection with world class identity protection.

Unlock content of any site

Unblock contents and access any site

Feel the British life or be an ultimate fan of British programming by getting unlimited access to UK-specific services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix UK, Channel 4D, Demand 5, Now TV, Sky Network, among others. Bypass any geo-restrictions and feel the sunny side of life in the Queen’s Land.

FrootVPN helps you fight internet surveillance with its high-speed, ultra secure and encrypted world-class VPN service for secured browsing and ensured online privacy.

Guarantee Online Safety

Guarantee your Online Safety

Enjoy this British VPN the way it’s meant to be. Despite consistent monitoring of private companies and governments, you can be relieved as all your information will be encrypted with the strongest 2048-bit encryption.

Surf Anonymously on Web

Surf anonymously

Enjoy the private life you want while staying connected to the world. The best way is to stay protected with FrootVPN. Your IP address will be masked, making it untraceable wherever you may be located, keeping you hidden behind the invisibility cloak of this best VPN service.

No logging of activity

No logging of your activity

In a matter of seconds you can be connected to wherever part of the world, with your login details kept preserved as FrootVPN do not keep logs of any kind, to avoid data intervention among third parties and surveillance agencies.

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By using FrootVPN you say no to internet surveillance. With this high-speed, encrypted and easy to use VPN you can safely and anonymously browse the web from anywhere.

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