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Sweden VPN Service

Guaranteed fastest vpn and one of the speed vpn Sweden with three vpn server locations and highest level of security worldwide.

  • Multiple protocols support
  • Complete online security
  • 12+ state-of-the art servers
  • Unique alternative IP address allocation
  • Access local Swedish channels SVT, TV4, among others
  • Absolute internet anonymity
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Your virtual pathway to the Land of the Vikings

FrootVPN Sweden VPN service lets you enjoy blocked contents or websites with geographic restrictions anywhere you connect from. Even in Sweden where there’s a high internet privacy, constant threats and surveillance still loom. FrootVPN offers the strongest type of encryption (2048-bit) supported in SSL-secured servers to protect your online privacy against those who’d want to get their hands on your private information.

Pathway to the land
Secure your connection

Secure your internet connection

Protect your online identity from threats imminent in using unsecured WiFi connections and hotspots with FrootVPN’s best VPN service, which offers end-to-end encryption for optimum security.

Unlock content of any site

Unblock contents and access any site

One way to access local Swedish channels such as the stations under SVT (Sveriges Television) - SVT1, SVT2, and SVT World, TV4, SBS Discovery TV and others, is using Sweden VPN service. Furthermore, even if you’re in Sweden, accessing websites and channels restricted to UK and US is also possible while using FrootVPN.

FrootVPN helps you fight internet surveillance with its high-speed, ultra secure and encrypted world-class VPN service for secured browsing and ensured online privacy.

Guarantee Online Safety

Guarantee your Online Safety

Don’t let cybercriminals to freely come in and intercept your precious data. While using FrootVPN, all your information is encrypted with 2048-bit end-to-end encryption to make it harder for snoopers to break into.

Surf Anonymously on Web

Surf anonymously

While connecting to the FrootVPN Sweden VPN service you are making yourself anonymous, disabling hackers and internet spies into knowing who you really are on the internet. Your IP address will be hidden, making you and your information untraceable and harder to be identified.

No logging of activity

No logging of your activity

No logging of your online activities is allowed while connecting to FrootVPN, as part of our commitment to provide you with complete online security. Likewise, ISP data retention and sharing is highly avoided to avoid any intervention between service providers and third parties.

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High speed, ultra secure and encrypted VPN!

By using FrootVPN you say no to internet surveillance. With this high-speed, encrypted and easy to use VPN you can safely and anonymously browse the web from anywhere.

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