Top 5 Achievable Internet Security and Online Privacy this 2017

This year is the year that you should think about on how you can totally make changes when it comes to your internet security. There are different threats that can attack your computer like phishing, spamming and much more! If you’re not aware of internet security, then you should start looking for something that can help you secure your online privacy. There can be a lot of challenges that you are going to take if you’re not going to take actions about your internet security and online privacy, especially that we are now living with the modern technology. In just a few clicks, all your personal information can be stolen and to prevent it from happening, you can follow our top five online security tips.


Create Backups

Things can happen quickly and you should learn to create backups for your files, data, and information on your computer. Now that there are a lot of malware, ransomware, and adware that can attack your computer when using the internet, it is best that you’re prepared to wipe the disk while keeping your information in it. Threats grow rapidly. Do not wait for it to attack you before you think about securing your computer. You also have an option of using external hard drives so that whatever happens, you still have the original copy of your files and data. Add an additional layer of protection to your hard drive or in the cloud by encrypting your password and data.


Use a Password Manager

Setting up a password manager is easy so if you’re using a lot of websites, social media networking sites and other internet related tools you need it. Having too many strong passwords to different accounts can be difficult for us to remember and that is the best thing about using a password manager. You’ll never waste time on resetting each password once you have forgotten it every time you try to sign in. Don’t worry because you can choose a lot of password managers and you can even find free! We also recommend you to read our “The 20 Password Commandments” to help you be more mindful of your passwords.


Go for End-to-End Encrypted Chat Apps

Using some chat apps with end-to-end encryption is highly recommended especially if you’re communicating with confidential information for work and certain projects. There are apps that you can use without worrying about the prying eyes of hackers. Some examples of it are WhatsApp, Viber, and Signal. You only have to convince some of your friends and family members to use the same chat apps for your internet security and online privacy.


Enable Two-Factor Authentication

So you now have different ways on how you can protect your password by setting up a password manager but, adding another layer of protection by enabling two-factor authentication is also suggested this 2017. Aside from your regular password, you’ll need to input the code generated on your phone.


Use a VPN

Want to add an extra level of security? Use a VPN now! Although you can hear a lot of things about a VPN that it is mainly used for video streaming and accessing geo-restricted websites, once you are connected to the internet and you’re using a VPN, it will create an encrypted connection between a secure server and your device. It will still allow you to browse normally and keep your internet security and online privacy secure!