Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN to Protect Yourself from Hackers

If you’re not familiar and updated about so many news regarding hacking, then you should start to be curious right now. 2016 has full of news about phishing and hacking. Do not wait to be the hacker’s next victim.

If we go back and remember all the bad things happened to some companies, you’ll know that even Yahoo had the largest hack in the history, there were stolen and affected accounts as well as LinkedIn and Myspace.

So what is the bottom line? Come to think of it. Even the largest and powerful companies can be hacked then how about us? How about the ordinary people who use the internet to live their daily life? Fortunately, we can do something to keep our personal information secure from the prying eyes of hackers and thieves. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network).


Want to know more about a VPN? If you’re a beginner, you can check our previous post here.

What are the reasons why you should use a VPN?

The personal information and data that you share online can always be at risk. Always remember that some people are just waiting for the perfect timing to do something against you with whatever you post online.


A VPN service can help you secure for the following:


Sensitive accounts.



Most of the accounts that you have created can be at risk. Think about your personal email, cloud storages and different portfolios for your future security. What if has someone accessed it? Be cautious and think about the troubles and problems that you’ll face without a protection for it.


Payment transactions.



Whether you shop online using your credit card or pay someone if you have an online business, your payment information can also be stolen and put your accounts on risk. Be careful when you do online transactions especially if there’s money involved.


Medical records.



Thieves can do anything to get what they want. We are talking about money and material things. If you think that your medical records are safe, then you’re wrong. They can resell your information and billed you for an insurance that you haven’t made.


A VPN is not for only securing your personal data but you can also use it to access geo-restricted websites and content. It’s a multi-purpose tool that you can use wherever you go and whenever you connect to the Internet. You should be familiar with the common hacking techniques that online criminals do so you’ll know how to keep your personal information safe from them. Do not connect to public hotspots and stop using other people’s computers. You can learn more about it and we have some helpful articles for you at


So which is the best VPN for you?

With so many VPN service providers that offer different features, you can choose one that will be right for you. It’s best if you find one that will suit your needs and preferences. Check out for and choose the best subscription package for your online privacy needs.