VPN Tips and Tricks: Ways to Secure Your Online Transactions

Today is the holiday season and as we all know, people are busy doing Christmas shopping and booking their tickets online for the holiday travel. This season is one of the most awaited seasons of hackers and thieves. If you’re going to ask the reason why then the answer is simple. It is all about online transactions.

Whenever you shop online and give your personal information, someone can do anything to get it and use it to steal something from you.

We would like to help you on this and we have here some tips on how you can secure your online transactions.


Check the web page that you’re using if it’s secure.

There are many phishing scams that we always hear on the news during the holiday season. When doing online transactions, always use HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The secured pages often start with HTTPS and www so you better check it before you do any cash related transactions. Do not just search and click it on your browser. Always type it as you can to avoid doing transactions on phishing websites.


Enable or use One-Time Password.

This is commonly provided and used when logging into bank online services. This is secure enough because you’ll have to input it and have the option of connecting it to your mobile number or email address. This one-time generated password is unique and can be used only for one transaction. You can also check out our post about The 20 Password Commandments to learn more.


Do not connect to Public WIFI hotspots.

If you badly needed an internet connection to perform a cash bank transaction, we highly suggest that you better use the data on your mobile phone instead of risking your personal information while connecting to public WIFI hotspots. These hotspots are vulnerable and often targeted by hackers to steal personal information. But if connecting to such is really unavoidable, we recommend you to read our Guidelines for a secured Public Wi-fi Hotspot Connection post to give you some important things that you can do to stay secure while connected to public Wi-Fi Hotspots. 


Use a VPN.

VPN is not only for accessing geo-restricted content on the internet but you’ll get the benefit out of it especially for protecting your internet security and online privacy. When you’re connected to a VPN, you’ll be assured that your personal information is anonymous. There are many VPN service providers out there and you can try it for reasonable prices. FrootVPN is one of the best VPN service providers for you to try and its price starts for as low as $2.99 per month.

Stop risking your personal information and cash related transaction especially during the holiday season. Learn to find something to protect your accounts and your online activities from the prying eyes of the hackers. Follow these tips and enjoy your holidays while staying worry-free about your cash transactions and everything that can be stolen from you.

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