What is Tor?

The Onion Router or Tor is a service used by people who want to browse anonymously on the Internet. This service is created to let people surf anonymously and keep their online privacy. The main benefit that you can get from using this service is it hides your IP address from different websites that you visit and bounce your connection to a random server. In short, it lets you surf safe and anonymous.

It is known to be that Tor makes your browsing slow because of the number of data that it is being relayed into. If a site does not use SSL, connection in final point will be compromised even though your data is encrypted along each of the relay nodes. Tor was also created related to the U.S Navy and used by different government agencies. If you worry about the prying eyes of hackers and government checking your online activities, you are not assured that they are not looking into yours because they have this certain connection with the government. It was used by some people to do illegal things like theft. The worst thing is you can be marked as a criminal doing illegal online activities even though you’re not doing anything and just care about your online privacy. It also does not prevent traffic confirmation and does not monitor the traffic within Tor boundaries.


How to use Tor?

It is so easy to use Tor if you have decided to give it a try. All you have to do is to download the Tor browser bundle that contains preconfigured version of Firefox browser. That doesn’t mean you’re already anonymous. You have to be careful with the sites that you visit while using it or you can be traced. If you want a higher level of anonymity, you have to consider things like using https instead of HTTP, not using your real name while on its websites and not signing in to your personal accounts such as Gmail and Facebook.


What is the difference between anonymity and security?

You might get confused about the difference of Tor and VPN. If anonymity is the topic, both of them can work well and assure you that you can browse without risking your online personal information because they both hides your original IP. Tor and VPN will give you the same anonymity service. When it comes to privacy and internet security, VPN they will assure you that your personal information and online activities are safe compared to it which can be accessed and monitor by the government and other organizations.


Lots of people are thinking that Tor is better than VPN just because of the anonymity service that it can give. There’s no such thing as free in the world that we live in today and they have to compromise on the speed if they want to have a higher level of anonymity. Let’s accept the fact that downloading torrents can be a bit difficult compared to using a VPN as well as watching HD videos.


Source: hotspotshield.com