Top 10 Safe and Secure Bitcoin Wallets

The use of Bitcoin has been popularly increasing since it was created. With so many people worldwide using bitcoin, there are also things associated with it called bitcoin wallets, which consists of two keys called a public key, which allows you to receive bitcoins and a private key that allows you to spend it. These keys are used to associate particular Bitcoins with your wallet. You might get confused and assume that the particular use of bitcoin wallet is to store your bitcoins.

If you’re looking for bitcoin wallets to store your bitcoins, we have here our top ten.


  1. Bitcoin Core.


    Originally developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin Core is the original Bitcoin wallet. Although it doesn’t have some advanced features like other Bitcoin wallets, it is the most scrutinized and most used wallet that you can use. It requires the entire blockchain to run because it is fully fledged node of the Bitcoin Network itself. You might get to try it and it is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux as well as Ubuntu PPA.


  1.  Electrum.


    It lets you do Bitcoin transactions without having to download the entire blockchain which makes transactions faster. You can use this on Mac, Windows, Android and Linux. It generates multiple wallets from one seed because it supports deterministic wallets. Also, you can import and export private keys from the other Bitcoin wallets. One good thing about it is, it lets you transact offline which is called root public key.


  1.  Multibit.


    It is considered to be the wallet that is a lightweight software. Multibit doesn’t need to download the entire blockchain to access funds. Also, it connects directly to Bitcoin Network, downloads only a small part of blockchain and makes it very fast to use. It also encrypt your private keys locally on a USB stick.


  1. BitAddress Paper Wallet.


    It creates paper wallets which are particularly secure form of cold storage. It means that the private key is stored on a piece of paper and not on the Internet and other software. It also generates random private and public keys which you can use to spend, receive and store your Bitcoin. If you want to do transactions, you have to import your private key to a digital wallet.


  1. Blockchain Wallet.


    Another safe and secured Bitcoin wallet with few interesting security features is the Blockchain wallet. It protects your wallet from a server side-hack and supports offline transactions with two factor authentication. You can also get a mobile version of it for Android.


  1.  Mycelium.


    Mycelium. Looking for the safest recommendation for mobile bitcoin storage? Then Mycelium is the perfect one for you! It boasts a ‘bank grade security’ ‘watch only’ accounts, private key deletion and Deterministic wallets.


  1.  Coinbase.


    Similar to PayPal, it is an online Bitcoin account. With its built-in Bitcoin exchange, you can buy and sell Bitcoin. Just like Paypal, you can also send and receive money from email addresses. It is said to be storing 85% of Bitcoins in offline storage. Get it also for your Android.


  1.  Coinkite.


    With similarity to Coinbase, it provides different Bitcoin-related services just like payment terminals and debit cards with features of an online wallet. In need of audit reports? You can request one! They uses BIP32 Hierarchical Deterministic wallets which are stored in a custom Hardware with Security Module. If you worry about the service shut down, Coinkite will allow users to claim their funds.


  1.  Armory.


    Do you care about security? Then Armory is perfect for you! It has a graphical keyboard which protects from keyloggers, offline transactions, and support for deterministic wallets. It is one of the most secure software Bitcoin wallets available nowadays. It offers three user modes namely Standard, Advanced and Developer. You may use this on Mac, Windows and Linux. Also you can use it for Ubuntu as PPA. One last thing about Armory is it requires an Official Bitcoin Core wallet because it doesn’t have any features of networking.


  1. Pi-Wallet.


    Looking for an available hardware Bitcoin wallet? Right now, Pi-Wallet is the only hardware Bitcoin wallet available. It has a software Bitcoin running wallet called armory. Pi-Wallet is portable and less susceptible to viruses.