How to secure your bitcoin wallet and protect against hackers

As a digital currency, your Bitcoin and bitcoin wallet security should be on the top of your priority lists when it comes to using and owning them. You should know that its transactions are irreversible and publicly recorded. If you worry about personal information, you’re rest assured that it is untraceable and secured.

Bitcoin is also a form of money even though it is called a digital currency and it attracts lots of thieves and hackers just like banks and other establishments. Although Bitcoin is secured, you should keep your Bitcoin wallet safe as well. If you have decided to invest in Bitcoin, you have to learn more about it and educate yourself on the proper use of it. Aside from the, it requires responsibility and security.

To help you, here are some things that you should keep in mind on how you can secure your Bitcoin.

How to protect your Bitcoin Wallet?

1. Make sure that you check everything about your vendors.

You get your bitcoins from them so you have to check whether they were registered and you should know the security measures that they do while processing it.

2. Use your own computer when doing transactions.

This is one of the basic ways on how you can keep your security when it comes to doing different transactions. You never know what will happen if you use a computer that you don’t own. With so many hackers and thieves nowadays, be very careful with these simple things.

3. Do not keep your wallet address and its private key at the same location.

Just like your phone or ATM cards, always keep your wallet address and your password in a safe but different locations so that whatever happens, you’ll be assured that everything is safe.

4. Use an updated online wallet software.

Stay updated. You don’t want to be left behind when something new has come and your wallet software should be also on its latest. If there’s something new about their features, you can easily adapt and use it.

5. If possible, use multiple wallets.

Have them in desktop, web, offline and mobile. Consider paper wallets and store it in a safe. Do you need more option? Try paper wallets!

6. Always have a backup of your wallet in an offline drive.

Just in case your mobile or laptop is stolen or lost, having an offline backup of your wallet can protect you and your bitcoin.

7. Consider using wallet encryption.

Want to set a password for anyone who wants to steal your funds? Then you should do wallet encryption. Protect your account from thieves.

8. Set a strong password.

We always tell you that setting a strong password can save you from hackers and thieves. Use different combinations of letters, numbers, and special characters. Combine uppercase and lowercase. Also, make sure to change your password regularly.

9. Always use a VPN.

We have been talking more about VPNs and if you truly care about your internet security and other things related to it, you should get a VPN service provider.




  • Definitely great post another tips to secure your bitcoin wallet is through constant monitoring of your bitcoin account activity any suspicious of your account always double check every now and then.

    • We appreciate your kind thoughts Neo! We’ll surely take note of that, thank you for your additional tips! Cheers!
      -FrootVPN Team