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“Hunting things, Saving People, The Family business.”


Since 2005, Supernatural is one of the most popular TV series by the CW which still continues until today.  After a long time of waiting for the next season, the Impala together with the Winchester brothers are finally back. Supernatural Season 12 premiere will be on the October 13, 2016 (Is Sam dead again?! And wait, Mom is here!).


The Supernatural series is one of the longest show that is under the CW channel. A thriller, hunting series about the Winchester Brothers, Sam and Dean, who was raised by their father, John, to all the things that will go “Bump in the Night”, after Mary, his wife was murdered by a demonic thing when the both are still young. After 22 years, the Winchester brothers go on a journey. Together with their Impala (the car they use all the time). They start to find their missing father, the one who killed on their mother, and fighting all of the demons and other ghosts along their way.


If you are a member of the growing SPN family, you can watch the premier of the Supernatural Season 12 on the 13th of October through their official website or even on their TV channel the CW network. You can easily watch it through a mobile app and TV streaming even on computers.


When you open the official website of the CW Network and you are planning to watch Supernatural, you might see a message saying: “Sorry, this content is not available in your location.”. It is because CW can track your location using your IP address. If you want to unblock this part, you need to use a VPN that will let you bypass this restriction. FrootVPN will help you to access this kind of sites easily and without any hassle. It can create a tunnel that has a high data encryption that can protect you from any internet surveillance and being snooped from any type of hackers.


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    Oh great post! I am looking forward with this series too!