UPDATE: FrootVPN brings back the live chat support!

Do you have any questions or having a problem regarding our service? We at FrootVPN can now answer all of your problems faster with our newest and improved online live chat support!


As the time flies, FrootVPN continues to give everyone the most secure and protected VPN service provider. We want to help all of our customers as soon as we can if they are having a problem or question regarding our VPN service. You’re our first priority! We at FrootVPN wants to give you the best customer service that you can have.


Our live support can help you about all the refunds and payments like in BitCoin/BitPay and credit cards. If you are using your PayPal for payments, you can send us a ticket via email in Kayako. This might take up to 3 to 5 days, but we are doing our best to reply as fast as we can and help you to all of your concerns. We can also help you in setting up FrootVPN on your computer by using TeamViewer, a software we use to remote your computer and let our support setup FrootVPN for you.


There are times that our server gets down because of unexpected errors like authentication problems, no internet connection while connected to the VPN and other issues you might encounter. We can help you in fixing this kind of issues in our live chat and we will reply immediately in all of your concerns there.


You can now message us through our live chat if you have some questions and other concerns regarding our service and how FrootVPN can help you getting a private and secure connection that you deserve. If you are reading this blog post now, you can easily hit us up with a message by clicking the simple tab on the side of our website. Our reliable customer service representatives are here to help you in all of your concerns, clarifications, questions and other problems. Talk to us anytime you want and we will never hesitate to answer all of your questions!

  • flimstover

    hello anyone there
    Why is it that i only get internet connection 1/2 the time when connected to Froot VPN … My internet comes back when i disconnect Froot VPN…. ????
    1st i thought it was my computer then i tested it and found it only happens with Froot VPN being connected.
    im using windows 10.

  • Joe Nersveen

    What the heck! I only get internet connection half of the time I’m connected to frootVPN, but when I force quite VPN client I connect Immediately. Sort of defeats the whole purpose of having a VPN in the first place. Attempted to send multiple support tickets through support portal and get a METHOD ERROR every time I submit the form, and email to support@frootvpn.com BOUNCE BACK AS NOT BEING A VAILID EMAIL ADDRESS?!?! HELLO is anyone listening? WTF how do we contact ANYONE ANYWHERE AT FROOTVPN? Not a single support method or email for FROOTVPN is working, except you payment processing which seems to work just fine.