VPN starts spreading like a wildfire now in India

Nowadays, we really need to have a secure tunnel for our internet connection so that it can protect and hide all of our files away from the hackers and other surveillance. There are a lot of people who are using the internet for data sharing, browsing, downloading and uploading. As the popularity of VPN service in India is vastly growing. 

VPNs are like a secret tunnel where it can hide all of the transactions you do on the internet. It was like a secret passage or a shortcut that only you knows. To put simply, a very secure network that can protect all of your data from hacking and internet surveillances. 

According to Pavan Duggal, one of India’s top cyber law expert,  “Nothing in the world is completely safe as there is nothing called absolute security. However, VPNs promise far better security thanks to their high-end, top-of-the-line encryption.”. There are businesses around the world that are using VPNs for quicker online connection with lower costs, anonymity and security. Others uses of VPN is for censorship and to unblock website with geo-restrictions.

Also, according to Thomas George, senior vice president and head of CyberMedia Research (CMR), one of the grey areas of such private networks is that when deployed with wireless devices, it may raise some security challenges. “Users turn out to be vulnerable when they roam across access points,” George, who has been witnessing a rise in the VPN usage in India, told IANS. The VPN service will not allow your internet provider to track your data, but they can see all of it but they need to decrypt all of your encrypted data. Also some of the VPN providers says that that fear of tracking data is now gone.

George added, that even though VPN is the answer in bypassing restrictions imposed by a lot of organizations to a specific website, the legal framework in restricting the use of VPN in India is still unclear.

Before Netflix, which just recently started providing subscription-based access to TV shows and movies that is seen in the US, is not available in India, but with the use of VPN it can now be accessed in the country.

VPNs maybe the answer in total internet access, but they don’t come without a rider. It’s here to help you to protect all of your data from internet surveillance, away from the hackers, encrypt your data and let you access all of the website without any restriction. Check out the Two Big Reasons Why You Need To Use a VPN Service Now to know more about it and its benefits to Online Users like you!

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