VPN 101: Find the Best VPN for your Needs

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are getting more and more popularity in the world of technology where we live in today. We all know that there are cybercrimes happening all over the world made by hackers, spying government and scammers. A vpn is a usable tool especially for the countries with geo-restricted sites. If you can remember, there are certain countries that blocked Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and porn sites to protect their people from something and guided by their government. Each one of us wants to be safe online and maintain our internet security and online privacy. VPNs are the best solution if you want to protect your online activities and transactions with sensitive data such as email exchange, bank transactions and online purchases. If you’re new to vpn and you’re interested to get one for yourself but you have no idea on what to choose, here is our guide and things to consider the best vpn factors before your purchase.


Know the reasons why you need and want a VPN.

You may find easier to purchase a vpn because there are many vpn service providers in the internet and you can subscribe to their packages within few clicks but you must know first the reasons why you need and want to have a vpn service. The main function of a vpn is for internet security and online privacy but as we go further, you’ll learn that there are other ways in which we can benefit from a vpn. VPNs are made different from each other and can do better from what the usual vpn can do.


Find a vpn with servers located in several places around the world.

If you’re a traveller and you always want to stay connected to the nearest vpn server near you, choose a vpn service with different vpn servers around the world so that you’ll have more choices to connect with.


Check for speed.

If streaming for a video is one of your top priorities why you decided to purchase a vpn service, then you have to check for the speed of a vpn. Find a fast vpn. It will be easier for you to find it if their top advertisement features is ultra-fast and ultra-secure vpn.


Know what protocols are being offered.

Find out the encryption protocols that a vpn service offered. In general, the best options will be L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN while other protocols can also be offered such as PPTP and SSL. Make sure to find a vpn service that offers several protocols so that you’ll have more choices just in case you face some vulnerability.


Go for log less vpn.

We are getting vpn service because our main reason is to keep our online privacy and having one which tracks our online activities is not advisable. There are vpns which never tracks anything so you’ll be guaranteed with best vpn service when it comes to total online privacy.


Expect to pay it monthly or yearly.

Most vpn service providers offer subscription packages starting from three months, six months or annually. FrootVPN allows you to avail a subscription package of one month and you’ll have a 30-day money back guarantee so it means that your payment is secure and you’ll be able to test if FrootVPN is the best vpn for you. Stay away from free vpn. If paid vpn services face vulnerabilities, then what can you expect from free vpn services? A vpn needs some finances to keep improve and maintain their services.

Source: thenextweb.com