Safety First: How to Stay Safe Online Using Torrent Sites

Torrents are safe to use long time ago, but since the Internet is full of people with so much interest on money and personal information it became one of the most used sites of hackers and scammers. Downloading torrents can bring harm to your computers. It can have some viruses, malwares, adware, spyware and other nasty things. Just like any other websites, you can take some precautions so that you can avoid these kinds of harmful things for your personal information and devices.

Here are some of our tips for using torrents yet staying safe online.


Keep your antivirus software up to date.

Antivirus is the number one choice for your device’s protection against viruses and malwares. If you have an antivirus installed in your computer, make sure that you keep it updated so that whenever a stronger type of malwares and viruses are against the antivirus, you can still have their online protection service updated and much stronger to the older version.


Stay away from the hottest content.

Aside from the reason that the newest contents such as Rihanna’s song or Angelina Jolie’s movie are being watched by their producers and track every download, these contents are also prone to viruses and malwares. Hackers and scammers know that many people are going to download these contents so they are going to add malicious contents as well as phishing advertisements to lure you. Make sure to add this idea when you found a new music to listen. Stay safe online.


Read the comments carefully.

Have you experienced reading a comment on the contents that you downloaded? It said that the contents have viruses and because you disregard those comments, you’ve failed and you got these harmful things on your device. So before you download anything, make sure that you read all the comments first. We are not saying you should rely on comments but some people would like to share these things to warn others. Learn from other people and keep yourself safe online while browsing torrent websites.


Use a VPN.

This is one of the best tips that we can give you. Aside from letting you browse the web anonymously, vpn service can add a layer of online protection and let you stay safe online when it comes to downloading torrents. Although you can download some vpn service for free, these free services will never protect you just like those paid vpn services. You can find cheap vpn services which will be the best for your needs. They are not really expensive than getting a new device because your old device was harmed by nasty viruses.

Always keep in  mind that proper use of the internet can be good for you. Learn more on how you can stay safe online even when downloading torrents. There are many tips and ideas on the web that you can follow so that you will know how to be careful with your internet use. Internet security and online privacy should be practiced every time we go online to avoid harmful things that can affect us.