Online Privacy Tips from Edward Snowden

Have nothing to hide? Then you’ll never worry about online privacy. That’s the unreasonable reasons that people say when talking about how you should value your online privacy. Even though you just have below 200 friends on Facebook, you can in the circle of those five million people in an extended network of your friends of friends of friends. Get it? It is not all about just the government watching your online activities but there are also advertisers, email companies, and social networks which collect data for their own purposes.

When you talk about online privacy, the first person who’ll do better will be Edward Snowden. He is a former NSA contractor who turned to be a whistleblower and speaks out regularly about privacy issues and tips for internet users. If you haven’t heard some of his greatest tips, here are few of them for your reference.


Encrypt your online communications in chat and email.

You should protect your online communications like phone calls with encryption services. You can use a VPN service so that you can stay worry-free when sending sensitive data on email and chats. You can also use to encrypt your email in Microsoft outlook or you can use a web-based email service with built-in encryption. An example of that is Hushmail. For your chats, use ChatCrypt which encrypts messages before you leave the browser which makes them visible to the opposite end user only with the password. Since WhatsApp have gone through encryption, you can use it as well as Viber.


Maintain a strategic distance from web following with program modules.

Sponsors and brands gather a staggering measure of client information, keeping in mind the end goal to customize shopping encounters and better target gatherings of people with promotions.

Regardless of the possibility that you welcome the redid shopping background innate to this retailer information gathering, you need to recollect that others can presumably see your action, as well.

Programs like Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 now offer don’t track settings, however including a program module includes an additional layer of assurance and secrecy. Ghostery is one of the most well-known choices and is accessible for Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and versatile frameworks Android, iOS, and Firefox Android. It will demonstrate to you the quantity of trackers distinguished and give you the alternative to piece them as once huge mob.


Use Tor for web searching.

Once the best quality level for mysterious web skimming, Tor’s notoriety was discolored this past summer when its makers were compelled to let it out wasn’t impervious.

Tor remains for ‘The Onion Router’ and was so named in light of its different layers of security. Essentially, it ricochets your correspondences around a system of transfers, making it troublesome (if not unimaginable) for anybody to track your online movement. The sites you visit aren’t ready to gather information that would uncover your physical area, for instance, and you can get to the substance that may somehow or another be inaccessible to individuals in your locale.

The makers of Tor promptly concede, “Tor can’t take care of all secrecy issues; it concentrates just on ensuring the vehicle of information.” Still, it’s a helpful open-source instrument for those worried about their security.

We as a whole have something to stow away – possibly not from law implementation, but rather from sponsors, programmers, bots and even your most loved cordial retailers. The way to securing your online protection isn’t finding one enchantment projectile apparatus, however, a blend of online security instruments that suit your online propensities.


Encrypt your hard drive.

You may as of now utilize secret word insurance on your records, yet that is only the initial phase in ensuring the substance of your hard drive. At SXSW 2014 in Austin last March, Snowden again talked by means of video conference about online protection and individual information security. Encryption, he said, is the “protection against the dull expressions” for the advanced world.

Encoding your whole hard drive offers assurance in the event that your PC is ever lost or stolen (or seized). You don’t need to be a techie to do it. Some more up to date working frameworks have worked in circle encryption apparatuses, for example, BitLocker, which is standard with Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise, and in addition 8.1 Pro and Enterprise. OS X clients can utilize the inherent FileVault 2 encryption device, while Linux clients can pick a dissemination like Ubuntu, with an implicit Linux Unified Key Setup (LUKS).

A fair outer arrangement is Symantec’s Endpoint Encryption, which likewise offers information misfortune security and will run you around $111 every year. It additionally ensures your removable media.


Stay away from prominent online consumer services like Google, Facebook, and Dropbox.

On the off chance that you’d preferably spend a week without sustenance than a day without Facebook, you’re not the only one. Be that as it may, in an October video meeting for The New Yorker Festival, Snowden recorded Facebook and Google as “hazardous administrations” clients ought to maintain a strategic distance from to ensure their online security.

Google and Facebook have each had their offer of protection outrages throughout the years and have found a way to enhance, he noted. It’s insufficient, however. Their information security and protection controls still aren’t up to snuff, as per Snowden.

Another significant guilty party? Dropbox, an online stockpiling arrangement Snowden pierced for its absence of nearby encryption. Rather, he prescribes administrations like SpiderOak, whose neighborhood encryption implies the server never at any point knows the plaintext substance of the information it’s putting away.


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    Great ideas from a man who committed treason and had hundreds, if not thousands of intelligence people killed around the globe. I am glad he can help make the difference in the people who didn’t have a loved one disappear without a trace.

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