VPN: A beginner’s Guide

Not all people are already familiar with Virtual Private Network or VPN. They will think that it is one of those technologies that will need lots of intelligence when it comes to installation and setting it up. There are many things that these people don’t realize about the benefits that they can get from a vpn. If you already know everything about vpn then probably you don’t need to read it but you can still do it so you can add additional information for the beginners in using vpn service.


Virtual Private Network or VPNs are simple a version of a local and physical network. Remote computers around the world could feasibly connect with one through the Internet and that is the difference of a VPN compared on a traditional network which was physically interlinked so that they can share files and other resources.

VPNs are made to increase security on private and public networks and can also be used by companies to keep their corporate data secure. Works from home jobs are increasing popularly so the use of vpn is also common to use nowadays for data protection. You can also surf anonymously because the vpn service provider will give you a temporary IP address. Let’s say you’re in the Philippines but if you’re using a vpn and you choose a vpn server for the US, you can appear like you’re from the US. This is the main reason why people use vpn service to stream videos and contents which has geo-restrictions on their own countries.

What do VPNS do?

Internet security and online privacy are the main purposes why vpns are made.There are lots of companies using them for years. VPN services protect your computer’s data from the prying eyes of hackers and scammers. You are going to subscribe from their vpn service and you will have your own username and password so you can use the vpn. It will provide you a temporary IP address and masks your own IP address so that all your personal information will keep anonymously.

Why do you need one?

Aside from the fact that it can protect your online privacy, you can also use vpns in many ways such as entertainment, getting the best deals online and blocking geo-restricted websites. Vpns are essential especially if you’re doing mobile banking transactions, sending sensitive data for work purposes and keeping confidential information about a certain thing.

What are you waiting for? Get your own vpn service now to protect your internet security and online privacy. There are many affordable yet reliable vpn services out there waiting for you to subscribe from their packages. Research if you want to know some things to consider in choosing the best vpn service for your needs. Make sure that it will provide you the things that you’re expecting for it to do yet offer the best prices. You can try FrootVPN because they are one of the fastest growing vpn service providers which keep no logs and excellent improvement.

Source: androidauthority