8 Tips on How to Travel to Japan for the First Time

Planning to visit Japan for the first time? We know how excited you are to see the cherry blossoms blooming and eat mouth-watering delicious foods there. We have a few reminders here for you to make your trip really worth the tiring travel and effort going there. Aside from the happiness and excitement that you’re feeling for this travel, make sure that your Internet security and online privacy is fully protected. Find out how vpn can help you with this travel and the 8 tips that we have for you.

Take an internationally run flight if you can.

If you want to experience better seats, documentary films about Japan travel and personal TV’s on the back of every seats take an international flight if you can. Comfort while in travel is a better way to start your journey so you will not feel really tired while enjoying the travel to your destinations.

Bring more cash.

Japan is known for being a cash-based society. If you think that restaurants and other establishments there like McDonald’s accept credit cards, you’re wrong because they don’t. Make sure to bring cash and convert it to their money so you won’t need to do it all the time every time that you run out. You also need to bring your coin purses so that your coins will have a place when you receive some changes from your purchases.

Check out their convenience stores.

If you’re looking for affordable and yummy foods, check their convenience stores. You can even buy foods there as low as $5 and you’re full enough to roam around anywhere you want. Talk about savings when it comes to foods.

Learn their language.

We strongly recommend reading something about their language because not all people there can speak English but you can save your questions in places like airports and restaurants.

Bring hand sanitizers and bags wherever you go.

Although we can admit that Japan has the high-tech rest rooms, some of their sinks are lack of hand soap. Whenever you want to wash your hands and you look for soaps, save yourself from disappointment and bring hand sanitizers. Forget about trash cans there because they limit it outside the public places because of the anti-terrorism measure that they did which was started 1995 when a cult attacked Tokyo and leave explosive bombs in the trash cans. Always carry a plastic bag so that you have a place for your trash then dump it out at the end of the day.

Wi-Fi hotspot is your friend.

If you’re looking for some help about currency conversions, maps, meaning of signs and translation apps you will need a Wi-Fi hotspots there. You may also want to check your emails, social media accounts and something that you will need an Internet connection to do it.

Take effort for great bargains.

Clothes and souvenirs in Japan are cheaper compared to other places and you will find the cheapest if you will take effort to find them.

You need a VPN.

If you’re going to Japan for a vacation but your favorite TV shows in your country will air on the dates that you’re away, you will need a vpn service. Aside from it, you can use it to protect your Internet security and online privacy while connected to Wi-Fi hotspots there.

Source: forbes.com