The top 10 most destructive computer viruses in history

Discovering the computer is one of the important parts of the world’s history. As the history start to move, time to time it is developing and upgrading. The computer history starts from the discovery of the abacus, the Napier’s bone, the first analytical machines by Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, from the supercomputers, IBM’s and then down to the first MAC-OS operating system and the Microsoft Windows OS. A lot of things develop until this present time. It was like every year the computer keeps on developing and computing a lot of data in just a click or even a second. Thousands of software installed in every computer. The time when the computer is on its developing stage, a virus is build to destroy every computer. Viruses that can destroy a lot of computers and deletes its files. Here are the top 10 most killer computer viruses of all time:

  1.   The Morris Worm

The Morris worm is a self-replicating program (worm) that is invented by Robert Tappan Morris, A local student of the Cornell University. This computer worm was created on November 2, 1988. The use of this worm is to know what is the value of the “internet” that time—ARPANET. It sends a lot of virus through mail with weak passwords.

  1.   The Concept Virus

Concept Virus is a virus that infects the Microsoft office word and taken the world in just a surprise. This virus can spread because the user is sending through a network and doesn’t know that it isn’t infected. All the recipients will be infected in opening the file on their computer using the Microsoft Office Word.

  1.   CIH (Chernobyl virus)

The CIH virus or most known as the Chernobyl virus, is discovered in 1998. This virus is made by a 24 year old college student from Taiwan, Chen Ing Hau from Taipei Tatung Institute of Technology. This virus is programmed to activate a payload at the Chernobyl meltdown—April 26—deleting all the data from all the victims’ computer drives and over writing the BIOS Chip.

  1.   The Anna Kournikova Worm

This virus is named next to Anna Kournikova, a famous tennis player. A virus which disguised as an e-mail attachment which be sent to all of your Outlook contacts. It is payload-free virus that cannot erase any file or send it back to the maker.


Also known as LOVE LETTER or I LOVE YOU virus, the most famous virus that infects a lot of computers in the world. It starts spreading since May 5, 2000.  It is also spread by an e-mail attachment with a subject entitled “ILOVEYOU”. If you open the attachment it will already infect your whole computer. Delete and replaces all of your files with picture or other documents. This virus infects all the big corporations in the world like The Pentagon, CIA and the British Parliament.

  1.   Melissa Virus

A Macro virus which is distributed via e-mail too and then it crashes your wood 97 and word 2000. This virus is start spreading on March 26, 1999 that caused the Microsoft Corporation to shut down all the incoming e-mail.

  1.   Blaster worm

This is a virus program which is targeting all the Microsoft platforms in 2003. It attacks the entire computer by using a security flaw with Microsoft RPC (Remote Procedure Call). It can reproduce itself and automatically send e-mails.

  1.   Netsky and Sasser

It is made by a 17-year old German named Sven Jaschan. Two computer programs that can be downloaded on the internet which can destroy all of your Windows OS files. This virus didn’t spread through e-mail it can break all of the file in a single computer.

  1.   OSX/RSPlug Trojan (Trojan Virus)

Like in the Trojan horse in Homer’s book of Iliad, This virus infects the computer without knowing it. It may look like legitimate software but honestly it is a computer malware. Trojan virus can let all of the cyber-criminals access your systems.

  1.  Storm Worm

This is also a Trojan virus which it can send a lot of e-mail to anyone. The email said that there will be a bad weather hit the whole Europe. This infects computers around 2007. The infected computers were attacked by the hackers which are used to spam and get identities.

Until today, there is still a lot of computer virus in the internet. When are all not aware if we already download a computer virus because it has a lot of name and It looks like the original or an official one. Always make your connection secure by using a VPN setting  or install some antivirus software. Read everything and anything on the internet before clicking and opening links and messages.