8 Tips on How You Can Avoid Tax Fraud With a VPN

This time of the year, many people are getting busy to file their tax reports. Nowadays that technology makes everything easier and more convenient; you can just file your tax report online. While many people prefer to do this thing online there are also many scammers out there waiting for their next victim. Keep connected to your vpn. With increasing numbers of online scams and fraud and to help you avoid these tax frauds, FrootVPN has 8 tips on how you can avoid it.

1. Check if the website that you’re going to file your tax report is the official website. Fraudsters create a new website then will send you an email which is requesting to verify your information with their website. It is called phishing and when you click on the link on their email, you will be directed to another website so never click those unknown links. Verify if the site is the official website by using HTTPS.

2. Do not let other people or website file your tax report for you. If you receive an email asking that they are a certain organization doing the tax reports every year and you just have to pay some amount of money on their services, do not trust them. Be aware and say no their promising emails and calls.

3. Never entertain calls about your tax report. Always remember that national revenue agencies will never call you about your tax reports and ask for payments. Don’t give your personal information on the phone.

4. Use a VPN service when giving your personal information online. Connect to a vpn service whenever you need to send personal information online to the official website of national revenue to stay secured from the prying eyes of the scammers and hackers.

5. Create strong passwords. Hackers and scammers often steal the username and password of tax payers so every time that you log into the national revenue website, change and create strong passwords for your security. Combine letters, numbers and special characters.

6. Avoid filing tax reports while connected to public Wi-Fi. Forget about filing your tax reports while connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots. They are unsecure and often set up to access your personal information and online activities. Always remember to get a vpn service so whenever you forget about the danger of these public Wi-Fi hotspots, you’re still safe from hackers and scammers.

7. Keep your social media accounts private. Some of these hackers will find a way and get what they want. They will even check your social media accounts and check how many children you have to be declared on your tax report. Always set your social media accounts to private.

8Teach everyone in your family about Internet security and online privacy. You’re not the only information-bearing person in your family so you better teach everyone in your family the importance of Internet security and online privacy. Let them know that danger that you will get if they don’t value information and privacy.

Being conscious about your personal information can be good because it only means that you value it. Focus on what will be the best for you and your family this season of tax reports. Always stay connected to FrootVPN to keep yourself worry-free from the prying eyes of the hackers. Make it a habit to keep your Internet security and online privacy secured with FrootVPN.