FrootVPN Launches New VPN Server for United Kingdom

We at FrootVPN are proud to announce that we have made another vpn server available. Aside from two of our vpn servers in Europe which include, Sweden and France, we are here to officially announce that our vpn server for United Kingdom is now available. As we continue to provide our customers the best vpn service, we are also working major improvements and additional features so that we can meet and satisfy their needs when it comes to using our vpn service.

 If you dream of going to London and see the big ben or the London eye, you can now experience some British vibes and find your favorite contents especially made for our subscribers. Watch your favorite videos and TV shows on Acorn TV, BBC, WETA UK and other British TV channels. Listen to British music and watch your favorite UK Youtube personalities while connected to our UK vpn server. It supports protocols like OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP.

We are happy that we added new choices of vpn server for our subscribers to connect with while securing their online privacy. Aside from the newest server they can also connect to our vpn servers in Sweden, USA, Canada and France. We have more news coming your way! Stay updated from our improvements and news updates. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and Google+. To get more tips, ideas and additional knowledge you can visit FrootVPN and learn more on how you can use FrootVPN with your everyday life!

FrootVPN was started operating since 2014 and we are lucky that our subscribers are supporting us with these step-by-step improvements and help us reach our goals of providing fast, better and secured vpn service!Experience the sexy British accent with FrootVPN! Another vpn server of your choice is here, connect with FrootVPN’s UK VPN server now!