FrootVPN: Denmark and Norway VPN to Launch Soon!

Have you moved on from the news last week about the availability of our UK VPN server? Stay put as we are announcing that sooner we are going to launch our two newest vpn server for Denmark and Norway! Yes, you read it right. We always want to provide the best vpn service for our subscribers and creating more vpn servers for our subscribers is one of the major improvement that we currently working on.

If you can remember, earlier this week we launched the availability of our UK VPN server so that our customers will get to experience some British vibes while at the comfort of their own country. It doesn’t mean that you have to travel to the UK to watch your favorite TV shows on British TV channels. We made your life easier by creating one of the most favorite countries of many people around the world. As we are taking into major improvement this month, more European countries will be available for our vpn servers. We will be launching the availability of our Denmark and Norway vpn server sooner so you have to stay tuned for that.

Having many choices of vpn servers is one of the features that we keep on working on. We want to hit it worldwide and give you the best connection that you can ever experience. These vpn servers will be available in OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols. Stay connected and feel the security that you need for your online protection.

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