VPN Service: Tools on How to Browse the Web Privately

Browsing the web privately can be easier to do now compare before because there are different techniques on how we can do it. We all know that by using a Virtual Private Network or vpn, everything can be private when surfing the Internet. You can read some vpn reviews and see what you can get from it. While there are many ways on how we can do it, these different ways have different tools on how they prevent tracking. If you’re not yet familiar with these ways on how you can browse the web privately, we are going to elaborate it for you and discuss every details of it.

IP Address

        It is a series of number in which generally sets by your ISP and necessary to access the Internet. Some of the websites that you visit can track your IP address and know information about you. If you’re using a vpn, you already know that you can get a temporary IP address from your vpn service provider to surf anonymously.

Different accounts that you’ve signed into

        It includes Google, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts that you used to signed in with your username, email address or your password. These companies can log some of your details and give it to people who may want to request it without your permission. Our advice is you should always be careful in creating accounts to different social media platforms and emails. They can always track you because some of their policies that you’ve agreed had it maybe for improvement or security purposes.


        Cookies are small text files which were generated by the sites that you visit and it looks like it serves as your site preferences. Sometimes, cookies are being tracked for advertising purposes. Have you heard the words “delete your cookies” when things are not running as it should most of the times?

        These are just few of the tools that you can use to browse the Internet privately but, you’re not 100% sure that they are doing their jobs as they should be. There are also some browsers which have these “browse privately” features like Inprivate in Internet Explorer and Incognito Mode in Chrome. While they may have this, you can still be worried about them tracking and logging everything you do because they are the one who are in control about the information that you input while using these browsers.

        The best thing that we can guarantee you for anonymous surfing is to get yourself a vpn service provider. All you have to do is to purchase a subscription package and connect to it and you’re 100% non-traceable. These vpn service providers will give you a temporary IP address in which you can use from your chosen server location. FrootVPN offers the most affordable vpn service package and just in case you haven’t checked their website yet, you can do it now and avail for as low as $2.99 a month.


Source: yahoo.com

  • I agree about private browsing cause it can still track our IP addresses. Good thing I am using VPN too, Nice one Julie! 🙂

  • ” If you’re using a vpn, you already know that you can get a temporary IP address from your vpn service provider to surf anonymously.” Is it a constantly changing IP address we get automatically by having our frootvpn? or do we need to request one each time we want to surf anonymously? I was under the understanding it was the former one and we are always covered with frootvpn.

    • Hi Ann Marie, You don’t have to request each time you want to surf anonymously as every time you connect to FrootVPN your IP address will be changed automatically. Your original IP Address will be changed to whatever server location you have chosen and you are covered and well protected when surfing as long as you are connected to our service.

      • thank you … new to this … only started using Froot last year

        • Don’t worry its okay. Glad to hear you are a FrootVPN user. We are always happy to help so please don’t hesitate to drop us an inquiry if you need some help. Have a great day 🙂

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