VPN App: Do we need it? What is it all about?

It’s been a long time since VPN has discovered and until now, some of you are not yet familiar with it, how does it works and what are the beneficial factors that we can get from using it. Now to fully understand everything about VPN, let us go on and tackle different aspects of it.

The first question is, what is VPN? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which can provide a secure Internet connection by using a private network in different locations. To simplify the meaning, you can access an Internet while you are in different remote locations while keeping your Internet security, online privacy and online protection. It serves as a guard from online crimes which is widely known as identity theft and illegal data access that can be used by the criminals to ruin your name, business and personality.

Let us go on with VPN app. What is VPN app and how can we use it? If you are familiar with using a smartphone you definitely know what app is. You can just simply install an app in your phone and select or input which location you may want to appear and that’s it, everyone can see that you are from a different location. Your all online activities and data can be seen created on that certain location that you are using.

Now that we know about VPN, you may ask why do we need it? Well first and foremost is to have an online privacy. When you are using an Internet without VPN, some establishments or organizations can steal some of your personal data and can be used for illegal purposes. The next thing is, you may want to stream videos online while you are away from your country. Netflix is one example of those websites that lets you watch videos while you are at home but once you go to a different country for a short vacation, you cannot do the same thing. You need to have a VPN so that you can still have an access wherever you are.

Is it legal to use a VPN? While some other countries including Iran, China and North Korea implements that it is illegal to use a VPN, most countries from the Western territories including USA and UK allow people to use it which means it is legal because most establishments, schools and offices use it to access different data and information while they are away. In some point, using a VPN can be illegal it just depends on how and when you are going to use it. We heard this news which involves Netflix and according to their source, streaming videos which are not available in your region by changing your IP address for a different location is truly against on their terms of service. You cannot just change your IP address in order to watch a certain content which is prohibited in your country.

Planning to purchase a VPN now? The first thing that you should know when you are ready to purchase a VPN is how much should it costs? Well there are many VPN service providers and their prices may vary from different promotions and countries. Most VPN prices range from $5 to $15. Majority of these VPN service providers are into subscription-based within three to six months or a year. If you want to purchase the best VPN service, you can also check FrootVPN and learn more about our affordable prices. We now have an offer for as low as $2.99 for one month which is an affordable way to start using Internet security and protecting your online privacy.

Here are our final thoughts about app vpn. Since most people nowadays are always on their smartphones, vpn apps can be easier to have and protect your online privacy. If phones can be glued to our hands then this should goes well with our online security. Protecting your data and information is necessary and if you haven’t get your first vpn service provider, you can check and try FrootVPN. We are also going to launch our vpn app sooner and you should be among the first to try it.
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