7 Fun Grownups Ideas to Do This Easter Sunday 2016

Do you feel like throwing a fun party this coming Easter Sunday? Well, you can still do it but first let us remember all those fun times and activities that we do every Easter when we were all younger. Most of us experienced waking up early with excitement because we want to see the baskets filled with goodies magically the Easter bunny. Okay, I know you’re just going to laugh because you’ve been tricked by the Easter bunny a.k.a your parents. After that, you’ll go clean yourself and with your cousins and sibling you’ll go to that awesome chocolate eggs hunting. Now that you’re an adult, all that’s left for you to do every Easter is to clean all the trash made by these kids and wash everything mess about their Easter party. How about instead of laying on your bed while streaming videos with your vpn service, you’re the one who will organize an Easter party. You don’t have to be so serious about it because it’s all about fun.

Here are 7 fun grownups ideas to do with your friends this Easter Sunday.

1. Don’t invite the Easter bunny.

An Easter Sunday without an Easter bunny? If he or she is not going to bring baskets filled with lots of goodies for each of your visitor then don’t invite that bunny. You don’t need to have an Easter bunny so make a huge letters cut out from the magazine and make some words out of it which says “The Easter bunny is not invited!” then hang it on your front door so your guests can see it.

2. You can have as many candies as you want.

When you were young, you have limits in eating candies and now that you’re an adult buy as much as you want and eat it all with your friends. You can even decorate your house with some candies and let your visitors eat it.

3. Make your own signature cocktail.

Make yummy beverage for you and your friends with a theme related to Easter. For example, you can add some Jelly beans in it.

4. Add an extra fun to the usual egg hunting, do a drinking game.

Assign certain colors and when they find it, drink. If they can find the Easter eggs inside the comfort room, drink. When they are too drunk to find more eggs, drink again. That is how fun an Easter egg hunt game for grownups should be.

5. No Pastel attire, no entry.

Force them to wear pastel attires so that everyone of you will never forget the memories with your photos to be posted on your social media accounts.

6. Have a feast and cook for them.

This Easter for you and your friends is limitless so cook whatever you want and enjoy it. If you can, you can even ask some of them for help before the Easter party. It will also be fun in the kitchen, trust me.

7. Party is over, time for bed. Oh wait, how about surfing the Internet.

Make sure to send your guests home early because as grownups, we all have to work the next day or do something with your family if you’re not working. Surfing the net anonymously is our routine before we go to bed or you may want to watch some movies and stream videos with FrootVPN. Feel the fun even when the party is over and always find time with yourself. A good movie or TV show about Easter Sunday is good before you set your mind for your busy tasks on the coming week.

When we say party, we can always give you some tips and ideas on how you can have fun. We are not all about being serious all the time. Keep yourself entertained and always be a worry-free person with FrootVPN.

Happy Easter! 🙂

Source: bustle.com