Ways to Get a Cheap Flight Online: Using a VPN and Find a Better Deal

We love to travel. Although we like the idea of going to different places just to unwind and relax, there are things that we always keep in mind before clicking that “book now” button. Flights are expensive and we always want to find something cheap and affordable. Let us talk on how to avoid the stress of over spending your time looking for cheap flights online.

Your flight costs you depending on your chosen destinations. You may find something cheap but you don’t like that place and then eventually decides on your most likeable tourist country which is two to three times more expensive compared to the first one. Who wouldn’t want to reduce the costs or a discount? Spending too much time online looking for the best deal can be a little bit tricky and annoying. Sometimes, you will see different results different from your expectations. It may be because of your Internet browser or all about the location that you’re currently in. Avoiding higher prices is the best thing but how can we do that? There are simple tricks and techniques on how to avoid it by using an easy surf VPN or just simply clearing your cookies.

Finding a Cheap Flight Online Using your Device

There was a travel site in the US called US – Orbitz who presented many different hotel rooms to customers and some are using MAC while others were using Windows. What they have noticed when they compared the result was frustrating. People who used MAC on searching for flights were offered a higher prices of hotel rooms while people who used Windows found something cheaper and affordable. Price steering is the term they used when they revealed that this websites are categorizing people according to the devices that they are using. The more pricey your device is, the more expensive your results will be. This thing also goes to people using smartphones according to a research conducted by the University of America. It is not just about the small websites but there are also websites like Hotels.com, Expedia and Travelocity who used in doing the same thing.

More Tips on Finding the Best Deal

Looking for cheap flights online can be a little time consuming and you have to be patient finding the best prices that will suit your budget. Try to compare prices from the other websites. Do not just stick to a one website because you may get lower prices if you also check on websites like travelocity.com and experia.com. It is also recommended to check straight on the airline’s websites.

Use a VPN

It all depends on your location. There are certain cases which your location can alter and result to higher prices. Your unique IP address can be detected by websites which identifies your current network connection. Using an anonymous surfing vpn can add a little trick on changing your current location. Setting up of a vpn anonymous surfing is just easy but you’ll need to focus. You can also check on different online and get it with a step-by-step guide. One example of that is called FrootVPN. Check their website to find out more.

Delete your cookies

Little digital records whenever you use a certain website is called cookies. It remembers your preferences whenever you browse that specific website. They can also track your every sessions which is sometimes helpful and sometimes not really good. This is the basic thing about cookies, it keeps on keeping the data that you’ve seen from all your different sessions which can encourage you not to wait until you are really decided to buy or booked a flight. You can either delete your cookies or go Incognito mode to prevent this from happening.


Source: pcadvisor.co.uk