Social Media: Shuts down during Uganda Election

Let us share how important it is to have a vpn service when you always use the Internet. There are certain things like protecting your Internet security and online privacy but some of the benefits that you can get from using your vpn service is that you can have a way or option to access some of your accounts by changing your location into another. Here is one example why you have to get vpns now. Nowadays, social media is part of every human’s life and by getting the best vpn, you can access it no matter what happen. If you’re into news reading everyday, I am sure you already knew about the election happened in Uganda and how social media can affect populations especially if they used to have it almost everyday of their lives as a source of information and communication.

Polls were made last February 18, 2016 during the election for Uganda’s newest President. It was considered that this year is most competitive election that happened in the history of Uganda. As the people opened their eyes as early in that morning to casts their ballots, they were all in shocked to discover that social media were all blocked. Well not all but mostly Twitter and Facebook and Whatsapp at some point.

An Ugandan journalist named Rosebell Kagumire told that she wasn’t able to login to her social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. She also checked on her emails and she found out that she can still connect to it and still received messages. Other websites are also not affected or not blocked. By using a Virtual Private Network or VPN, she set it up to change her location and she can now successfully login to Twitter and Facebook. It is recommended to have a secured vpn that you can use in times like this.

Uganda’s leading mobile carriers called MTN Uganda confirmed that by the instruction of the UCC, their company has to shut down social media access in their country.

Lots of Ugandan people accessed Twitter and Facebook by using vpns. If you go through the Internet and search for many tweets of Ugandans you will notice how disappointed they are by having no access to their social media accounts during the election day.Godfrey Mutabazi, the executive director of Uganda Communications Commission or UCC explained around noon, that by the request of electoral commission social media has been shut down. As people heard this news and keeps on spreading, they asked the electoral commission about it but they just responded on Twitter that they should referred the issue to UCC. Some people said that if they want to bring it back, they should use social media properly.

There were violence during the campaigns which resulted to the arrest of Yoweri Museveni who ruled their country longer like three decades. There was a policeman killed during the arrest. After that incident, there were protests happened and they thought that it could lead to more confusions and panic the answer would be by blocking the social media. Many of the Ugandans use social media to access different information.

While these things happened, Twitter responded about the issue and said that they hope that whole service can be restored soon. Facebook haven’t responded to any of the issue.

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