Paypal and Netflix Cuts Off Payments for Some VPN Users

Netflix are unstoppable and keep on getting into different countries around the globe. It was started in the US then to Canada and now 190 countries are also able to use its services. Within a shorter period of time, Netflix has become available all over the world. It is now easier for people who love to watch TV series and live stream videos. Although this kind of news is good for everyone who is into watching different videos from other countries, there are still negative things that go beyond Netflix’s success. It is well said that if there is success, there can be additional challenges that can come with it and for Netflix, not all contents can be viewed from other content creators due to licensing rights.

Some content creators are protecting their works by using copyrights which means only few people can watch it according to what rules they had set up. That is one of the top reasons why people keep on looking and using the best vpn to access video contents from other countries with geo-restrictions. Netflix has discovered things about this and started cracking down people who use vpn service like FrootVPN and other vpn service providers with the initiative help of PayPal. Although FrootVPN is not yet affected by the issue, big vpn names has experienced it one example of them is UnoTelly.

Netflix has set up virtual borders for vpn service providers which advertise facts that their services can be used to bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions. There are several websites that vpn service providers use to create advertisement so it will be easier for PayPal to track which brands or services should be hold or block for payments. Some of them already figured out about what is happening about PayPal and Netflix so what they did was they told their customers to switch payment method from PayPal to credit cards. It is the next best payment method after PayPal and we think that they can find better payment methods if PayPal continue keeping its Netflix partnership or agreement.

There are also many payment methods to choose aside from PayPal and it is a fact that PayPal cannot stop people from using VPN’s. While they may block payments from vpn service providers, there are other ways to buy the best vpn for their needs. Using vpn is to keep someone’s Internet privacy and identity so there is no such thing as illegal vpn purchase. In most countries, vpn is a basic Internet protocol that everyone must have to protect their privacy. It is like keeping yourself and your Internet usage from hackers and other Internet crimes like theft. While PayPal may continue making cut-off payments for vpn service providers, people keep on getting vpn’s.

It is year 2016 and technology is on top of most used kind of thing in a human’s life and there is no assurance that it will be going down sooner. People can still make and discover things to make their work easier and get satisfied. Using vpn is one of the major strategies to maintain online privacy and keep on being entertained while streaming music or videos. Looking for a fast and reliable vpn is not difficult to do because they are everywhere and one of them includes FrootVPN.

Netflix may go worldwide but on the other side of it, they still have to face some things to make it more beneficial to their clients and customers. It is not all about the services they offer because people in different countries may have different experiences on it. They may or may not want to watch certain videos or any other content but the fact is people are getting smart with the online privacy use.