iOS VPNs: Choose Which Options Best Suit Your Business

A business needs a huge amount of privacy when it comes to safe keeping of data and personal information. Virtual Private Network (VPN) has an important role when it comes to business especially on this generation wherein Internet is the main factor for making marketing strategies and campaigns. It is also used by most employees to access different corporate resources just like on the Apple devices but it only evolves individually. Internet security and online privacy is also considered when putting up a business especially in the Internet. This article talks about Apple and vpn ios.

Apple encouraged business and other enterprises to use iOS and developed different forms of VPNs. During those times when it was still all about iOS 3 and some essentials for enterprises were not yet present, they created and developed various vpn for iOS which are suitable for any workplace. As time goes by and iOS 9 is here, there were developments which occurred and now we have these three configurations that we can choose. You can now determine which kind of vpn configuration for iOS will suit your business well.

Let us identify them one by one so you can have a better understanding for each of them.

The first among three is the standard vpn. There are two options for standard vpn. The first option is all about manual on and off switching of the user on the device. On the second option, the company set a requirement that clients must use a vpn on their devices to make the security even more stronger. The clients used mobile device management (MDM) tools. Once the vpn is activated, all devices which are routed will have a secured channel. While these information is already known, some of its functions have been overlooked. The data from unsecure apps and personal information can be transmitted to the company gateway, host and server. All data is sent to the corporate vpn instead of the direct web server connection which may cause of bogging down the link.

Next is the on demand vpn. This type of vpn is more convenient to use compared to the standard vpn. Unlike the standard vpn, there is no need to manually switch it on and off because it connects automatically once the IT administration designed to accessed the apps and websites in advance. The best thing that an end user can benefit about the on demand vpn is it separates the work and personal data so no need to distinguish it which can result to more time consumed. This kind of vpn is more suitable for small business and other enterprises.

The third vpn is called the per app vpn. From its name we can tell that this kind of vpn can be configured out with your own device. This is the best vpn for IT administrators and employees. The important security settings can be configured easily and if there will be some data loss, it can also be limited according to per app basis. The traffic from different applications are separated so employees won’t worry whether their personal apps can be affected. The applications can still exchange data while keeping the traffic separated from different applications.

The always on vpn is best recommended for establishments which uses company-owned devices such as HealthCare, Finance and the government wherein vpn can be connected once the device is turned on. To sum up, the connection and data is controlled and monitored and cannot be disabled by the user.

Now that you already know about the different vpn for ios, you can now choose which one to have in your business. Keeping a vpn which is appropriate for your company can add an instant success and less expenses. Purchase a best vpn service that offers reliable and affordable package like FrootVPN. Try their one month package for as low as $4.99 and get more discounts when you choose to have their three months and twelve months packages.


  • John Adam

    I think it depends on the business. But one thing is sure that now days every businesses who use internet for communication and for other thing they need VPN.
    I am using VPN for secure remote access and it works awesome. there is lots of benefits of using VPN here you can find it.